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Let’s Start The New Year At Ground Level

Let’s Start The New Year At Ground Level

Dr. Jeff Wilkins

American Cattlemen

Here are twelve ways to improve your cattle operation that will pay good dividends for the coming year. . . Implementing these twelve ideas can improve your chances in maintaining a successful cattle operation this time of year.

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Lessons from the feedyard

Lessons from the feedyard

John Maday


Wyoming rancher Mike Healy has retained ownership of his calves through finishing for more than 20 years, and has used the experience to adjust genetics and management at the ranch to boost profits.

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Watch for grass tetany this spring

Watch for grass tetany this spring

Steve Paisley

Tri State Livestock News

After a very cold winter, March weather has been mild, and many pastures and meadows are greening up quickly. Grass tetany occurs in all parts of the U.S., and goes by several names: grass staggers, wheat pasture poisoning, magnesium tetany, and grass tetany all refer to low blood magnesium (hypomagnesemia).

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EPA Tries to Dispel Myths about Agency Regulation Plans

EPA Tries to Dispel Myths about Agency Regulation Plans

Roger Bernard

Beef Today

Ask farmers what they think about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and regulations are about all that comes to mind. In many cases, they say, the regulations don’t reflect reality.

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Solution for escalating food costs: let ’em eat iPads

Solution for escalating food costs: let ’em eat iPads

Hembree Brandon

Southwest Farm Press

Starting with the 1973 Arab oil embargo, which set energy prices on their upward spiral, costs for everything have inflated as companies increased the price of their products and services to compensate for the energy component. Once a price is increased, it almost never comes down, but rather rises yet again when the next spike in energy prices occurs

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Joel Salatin: How to Eat Animals and Respect Them, Too

Joel Salatin: How to Eat Animals and Respect Them, Too

Madeline Ostrander


Joel Salatin is no simple farmer. When he speaks, he at times takes on the air of a Southern preacher, philosopher, heretic, businessman, activist, or ecological engineer.

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OSU Develops Cow Reproduction Technique To Boost Industry Efficiency

OSU Develops Cow Reproduction Technique To Boost Industry Efficiency


Researchers with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center have pioneered a new protocol for increasing pregnancy rates in beef cattle, which is expected to lead to higher production efficiency and cost and time savings for farmers nationwide.

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Calculating Livestock Numbers by Weather and Climate

Calculating Livestock Numbers by Weather and Climate

Science Daily

Ranchers in the central Great Plains may be using some of their winter downtime in the future to rehearse the upcoming production season, all from the warmth of their homes, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) soil scientists.

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Anthrax found in Central Texas cattle

Anthrax found in Central Texas cattle


The Eagle

Sample tissue submitted to the College Station-based Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory has tested positive for anthrax in a Central Texas beef cattle herd, according to agency officials.

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The grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef debate

The grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef debate

Kim Cross


A large herd’s worth of beef cattle has passed through the Cooking Light Test Kitchen over the past 24 years, almost all of it standard-issue, grain-fed supermarket meat.

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