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Temple Grandin, Gives Unique Views on Animal Handling, Ag Promotion

Temple Grandin,  Gives Unique Views on Animal Handling, Ag Promotion

Virginia Farming

Jeff Ishee interviews Dr. Temple Grandin, renown animal handling expert on Virginia Farming, part 1.

Proper sire selection vital to beef herd performance

Proper sire selection vital to beef herd performance

AG Answers

A Purdue Extension and Indiana Beef Evaluation Program open house, workshop and sale will help producers tackle the vital task of selecting the right bulls for their beef herds.

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Extension: Still relevant?

Extension: Still relevant?

Jim Patrico

Tri State Livestock News

The university Extension system began as an experiment almost a century ago. The idea was to bring the scientific knowledge of land-grant colleges to American farmers. Through World War I, the Dust Bowl and the Green Revolution, Extension changed with the times – mules to tractors, hand-hoeing to self-propelled sprayers, saved seed to biotechnology.

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Cross-Bred Cows Are Today’s Top Trend

Cross-Bred Cows Are Today’s Top Trend

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Tom Woodward avoids the extremes. Back in the early 1980s, as many U.S. cattle producers introduced bloodlines from an endless stream of Continental breeds of dubious genetic value into their herds, the general manager of the sprawling Broseco Ranch in northeast Texas stuck with the tried-and-true.

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Here a “Natural” Food there a “Natural”Food…Have you had any “Natural” Food Lately?

Here a “Natural” Food there a “Natural”Food…Have you had any “Natural” Food Lately?

Dr. Terry Etherton, Penn State University

Is your preference to shop for and purchase “natural” foods?  Based on some of my observations in a few trips recently to the West Coast and Texas, there are some segments of the restaurant and grocery store industries where the usage of this phrase has gotten completely out-of-hand.

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Cattle Woman Takes Story to Capitol Hill

Cattle Woman Takes Story to Capitol Hill


R-CALF USA member Judy McCullough, a cow/calf rancher from Moorcroft, Wyoming, and past president of the Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming, recently made formal presentations to 20 congressional staffers serving the U.S. House and U.S. Senate agriculture committees.

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Quality Important in all Phases of Beef Supply Chain

Quality Important in all Phases of Beef Supply Chain

Cattle Today

“Quality sells in this industry,” Corah said. “We talk a lot about pounds, but we also sell by dollar figures. A quality carcass puts more dollars in those pounds.” He led the cattle industry veterans in discussing every aspect of quality beef production including genetics, health, nutrition, ranch management and marketing.

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Hawaii’s Cattle Industry Looking To Beef Up Production

Hawaii’s Cattle Industry Looking To Beef Up Production


Hawaii’s ranching industry is recovering from several years of crippling droughts. It still faces a number of hurdles.

Ranchers said Saturday more than 80 percent of the state’s calves are shipped to pastures on the mainland and that needs to change.

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Life at the family slaughterhouse had its share of lighter moments

Life at the family slaughterhouse had its share of lighter moments

Tom Stafford

Springfield News Sun

Here is the second of four parts of “An Acre of Memories,” excerpts from the late Rev. Carl A. Driscoll’s recollections of growing up on the family home on New Carlisle Pike, just west of Springfield.

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How to Wean Cattle

How to Wean Cattle


Weaning is the practice of separating calves from their source of milk, a stressful time on both cows and calves, as it is very traumatic in an environmental, psychological, and nutritional sense, especially for the calf.

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