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Vets promote ‘corral’ to contain FMD risk

Vets promote ‘corral’ to contain FMD risk

Candace Krebs

AG Journal

Scenes of foot and mouth disease outbreaks in England, where piles of dead animals eerily burned, and more recently, South Korea, resemble a terrible plot in a science fiction movie or an unusually imaginative rancher’s worst nightmare.

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Oklahoma to host beef quality meetings

Oklahoma to host beef quality meetings

High Plains Journal

Quality beef production is on everyone’s mind today. Consumers want the best and most consistent beef for their money. Maybe that’s why strong exports and premium U.S. markets for upper Choice and Prime beef brands have helped lead cattle to record high prices.

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Four ways to marry implants and quality goals

Four ways to marry implants and quality goals

Certified Angus Beef

In a perfect world, cattle growth promotants would improve increase marbling, too. Short of that, feeders can strike a balance between grade and gain, implant and marbling levels.

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USMEF Working to Assess Damage to Japanese Trade

USMEF Working to Assess Damage to Japanese Trade

Western Livestock Journal

In the aftermath of the devastating magnitude-9 earthquake and resulting tsunami that ravaged much of northern Japan, the staff of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)-Japan is working around the clock to assess the impact this natural disaster has had on the country and, in particular, the meat trade of Japan.

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Stacking the odds with AI

Stacking the odds with AI

High Plains Journal

Cattlemen know genetic change is a slow process, especially when compared to other species.

That should be enough motivation to think about stacking genetics, says Aaron Arnett, Select Sires vice president. Bull selection is only half the equation.

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Korea trade deal good for packers, bad for cattle ranchers

Korea trade deal good for packers, bad for cattle ranchers

Des Moines Register

As a representative of thousands of cattle farmers and ranchers from all across our country, I’ve seen first hand how family ranchers and their rural communities have suffered from our past, ruinous trade policy.

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Iowa House OKs Bill Outlawing Secret Recording on Farms

Iowa House OKs Bill Outlawing Secret Recording on Farms

Mike Wiser and Rod Boshart


The investigations director of an animal rights group said it’s a “strong possibility” his organization will sue if a bill that criminalizes secret recording on farms becomes law.

The legislation, which passed on a 66-27 vote Thursday with a few Democrats joining Republicans, creates new criminal and civil penalties for anyone convicted of tampering or interfering with property associated with a livestock or crop operation.

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Happy Cows, An Illusion?

Happy Cows, An Illusion?

Jean West Watanabe


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

The public is horribly misguided about where the meat and eggs come from that we consume on a daily basis and how they came to be before winding up in grocery stores. People do express concern for the actual consumption of animals from time to time, but rarely does anyone ever talk about or consider the conditions in which the livestock were raised prior to being eaten.

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Beefing up shelf life

Beefing up shelf life

Ross Boettcher

Omaha World Herald

Over the course of 42 days, most raw beef is abandoned by its flavor and color. It can go bad and be exposed to contaminants that can make people sick.

But a new burger patty being made in the Midlands is redefining those standards.

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Thoughts On The Checkoff Fiasco

Thoughts On The Checkoff Fiasco

Troy Marshall


So many of you have written wanting to understand the dynamics that have created the tug of war between the Cattlemen’s Beef Board Executive Committee vs. the Federation of State Beef Councils and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

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