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Is the Angus Breed on the Right Course?

Is the Angus Breed on the Right Course?

Dr. Bob Hough

The American Angus Association (AAA) must be admired for always supplying their breeders with industry-leading selection tools. Let’s look at what they have accomplished over the years.

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Livestock theft goes online

Livestock theft goes online

The Cattle Business Weekly

A crime that has been around since the days of the old west has evolved with modern technology. Cattle rustling, or livestock theft in general, is still a major concern of Oregon ranchers for several reasons.

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Can clover help me cut fertilizer costs?

Can clover help me cut fertilizer costs?

Dr. Ken McMillan

Contributing Editor

Q: I’m thinking about planting clover to try to cut down on fertilizer costs. Is it worth the hassle and the expense?

A: I think it is, and I’m glad you realize that there is some hassle and expense to establishing clovers in your pastures.

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Research on AI Pays Off

Research on AI Pays Off

Bill Beal

Angus Journal

Richard Saacke has spent more than 50 years researching topics related to bovine semen quality and artificial insemination (AI). Semen evaluation procedures developed by Saacke and others have allowed the majority of low-fertility bulls to be identified and eliminated from use for AI.

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Litter Fertilizer

Litter Fertilizer

Ryan Goodman

Beef Today

Chicken Litter, or composted poultry house bedding and manure. Driving through the back roads and state highways of Arkansas, there is that familiar scent of litter being delivered to the pastures.

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NMSU to Host Youth Ranch Management Camp

NMSU to Host Youth Ranch Management Camp

Jane Moorman

New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service is seeking youth ages 15 through 19 to participate in a unique summer experience, June 5-10, at the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

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F1 Females are their Own Class of Working Mothers

F1 Females are their Own Class of Working Mothers

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Specific jobs demand the right tools. Most would not send young men to football practice without the proper equipment; plan a trip when the roads are bad without having snow tires or buy a house without running water and electricity.

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Area calving season brings new life and longtime tradition.

Area calving season brings new life and longtime tradition.

Lou Hebert

Toledo on the Move

For area livestock farmers, this is a busy time of year. It’s calving season. The time when the newborn calves, one-by-one, are making their way into the world.  At The H.G. Moore Homestead Farm in rural Ottawa County, the barn is filled this month with new black angus calves, not more than a week or two old. And more are on the way.

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Beef traceability systems: If not now, when?

Beef traceability systems: If not now, when?

H. Russell Cross

The National Provisioner

During the spring of 1993, in the midst of the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak, the Secretary of Agriculture asked me how many federally inspected beef plants in the United States had voluntarily implemented HACCP.

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A tool to reduce stress, sickness in calves

A tool to reduce stress, sickness in calves

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

Calving season is already underway for many, and once winter fades away, it will quickly be replaced by spring. Often times wet and muddy, spring offers a multitude of health issues for producers to fight in their calves including scours, pneumonia and coccidiosis.

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