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Last fall the animal rights groups put Proposition B on the ballot in Missouri. The bill was written to reduce the number of breeding kennels that produce usually purebred puppies for pet stores.

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Ranch Management University Offered

Ranch Management University Offered

The Ranch Management University is an intensive 4-day event that targets new or inexperienced ranchers and landowners and covers the fundamentals of soils and soil fertility, forage establishment, pasture management, and utilization by livestock. Basic livestock management practices such as castrating, vaccinating, and de-horning calves are demonstrated

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Another Marketing Alternative

Another Marketing Alternative

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

It’s not your grandpa’s kind of auction. He’d probably scoff at the notion of trading cattle “online.” But then, this whole Internet thing might have seemed like a crazy concept to him — something that could never have much practical application to the cow business.

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How to Choose Cattle for a Foundation Herd

How to Choose Cattle for a Foundation Herd


You can’t start a cow-calf herd without starting with some good quality animals. Knowing what to look for, where to find them and what to do with them is all important.

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Local 4th graders get a lesson in the life cycle of cattle

Local 4th graders get a lesson in the life cycle of cattle

Bethany Tucker


For more than seven years, the San Luis Obispo County Cattle Women’s Association and F. McClintock’s Restaurant has hosted the Cowboys and Cattle Ranching field trip for local school children. Fourth graders from a handful of local schools head to F. McClintock’s Restaurant in Shell Beach to learn about the life cycle of cattle.

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UW-Extension Beef Cow-Calf meeting March 31

UW-Extension Beef Cow-Calf meeting March 31


If you are raising beef cow-calf pairs or are interested in beef cattle, here is an on-farm event you will want to attend.

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‘Oprah’ interview helped Cargill

‘Oprah’ interview helped Cargill

Theresa Leake

Fort Morgan Times

An interview on "Oprah" was a good experience that shed positive light on the cattle industry, Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, general manager of the local Cargill meat plant, told Fort Morgan Lions Friday.

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Getting Back on Track With Soil Fertility

Getting Back on Track With Soil Fertility

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Like many producers, Joe Prud’homme cut back on fertilizing pastures several years ago when nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium prices hit record highs.

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5 Ways to Save on Fertilizer for Forages

5 Ways to Save on Fertilizer for Forages

Beef Today

With expected higher prices for inputs, it makes sense to have a plan to get the most out of our fertilizer dollars. To help get you started James Locke with the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation offers these five tips to get you started.

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Fetal programming a hot topic at local meeting

Fetal programming a hot topic at local meeting

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

Fetal programming is the concept that a cow’s diet during the second trimester of pregnancy sends signals to the fetus, ultimately determining how efficiently the calf will be able to use nutrients.

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