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New insights on reproductive management of beef cattle

New insights on reproductive management of beef cattle

Allen Bridges

Kanabec County Times

Pounds of calf weaned per breeding female is one of the most important variables affecting profitability in a beef cow/calf operation. The reason is simple: beef producers market total pounds produced and have the expense of maintaining cows. The more cows that have a calf, the more pounds of beef can be marketed.

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Bull battery management

Bull battery management

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Calving has finally started to get rolling. Hopefully we can catch some warm weather soon to help minimize our management problems. It seems weird, but now is the time to evaluate your bull battery, long before breeding season begins.

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Grass-Fed Producer Focused on Forages

Grass-Fed Producer Focused on Forages

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

If you want to talk to a beef producer who really knows how to manage pastures, you can’t do much better than Missouri’s John Wood. Forages are more than just one part of his herd’s feed regime; they are the only part.

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Using Salt to Limit Intake

Using Salt to Limit Intake

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

Cattlemen continue to investigate ways to reduce cow costs. One management tool frequently used is regulating feed intake with salt. Research would suggest that regulating feed intake with salt is not precise meaning that the salt content may need to be adjusted throughout the feeding period to achieve the desired feed intake.

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BSE of bulls important following cold winter

BSE of bulls important following cold winter

Southeast Farm Press

The past winter has been one of the coldest on record and it may have affected the fertility of Tennessee herd bulls, says a University of Tennessee Extension beef cattle expert.

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Foot care link to growth in beef fertility

Foot care link to growth in beef fertility

Debbie James

Farmers Weekly (UK)

Beef producers who regularly trim their cattle’s feet will benefit from improved growth rates and better fertility. "When a cow is in pain she won’t come into heat or will fail to hold to service and you just won’t get the growth rates in fattening animals. The issues we see in beef animals are no different to those in dairy

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Dissecting the Pros and Cons of Grass-fed Beef

Dissecting the Pros and Cons of Grass-fed Beef

Valerie Vinyard

Arizona Daily Star

While bumping along a rutted dirt road in a Ford F350 pickup on a windy February afternoon, it was easy to imagine a simpler, more pristine life while passing miles of knee- and thigh-high grasses yellowed from winter.

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Short calving season a step toward profitability

Short calving season a step toward profitability

Southeast Farm Press

A short calving season is the first herd management practice that a cow-calf producer should either have in place or work to develop, says Jim Neel, University of Tennessee Extension beef specialist and professor of animal science.

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Evaluating muscle and marbling development in beef cattle

Evaluating muscle and marbling development in beef cattle


The Prairie Star

Over the past two months, between bull sales and carcass ultrasounding registered cattle, I have had several conversations regarding ribeye area (REA) and marbling estimates in cattle.

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It’s Spring vaccination time Ya’ll!

It’s Spring vaccination time Ya’ll!

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Believe it or not, spring can be a stressful time for the cow, the calf and the farmer/rancher. 

The main objective of your vaccination program is to prevent Year-Round IBR & BVD,  not try and treat it when it rears its ugly head at the most in-opportune time!

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