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The EPA’s new proposed dust regulations are causing a stir in cattle

The EPA’s new proposed dust regulations are causing a stir in cattle country

Jennifer M. Latzke

High Plains Journal

Spend five minutes outside in the rural parts of the High Plains and three things will become apparent. One, there’s a lot of wind. Two, where there’s a lot of wind, there’s often a lot of dust.

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Legendary Ag Broadcaster Derry Brownfield Dies at 79.

Legendary Ag Broadcaster Derry Brownfield Dies at 79.


The Missouri-based agricultural broadcaster and radio talk show died Saturday at his residence in Centertown, Brownfield was the host of his own radio talk show titled "The Common Sense Coalition" and a co-founder of the Brownfield Network, an agricultural news service for radio stations in several states. A post on Brownfield’s Facebook page says this was a total shock to the family.

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Ask The Vet: Treating a Limp

Ask The Vet: Treating a Limp

Dr. Ken McMillan


Q: I had a bull ride down a cow. She was limping a little bit on a rear leg when she got up, but I figured she would be okay.

A: What you are describing sounds like a ruptured cruciate ligament in the knee.

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Alternatives To High Corn Prices

Alternatives To High Corn Prices

Gayle Smith

The Fence Post

Although producers are enjoying record cattle prices, the climbing price of corn remains a concern for the cattle feeding industry. Three speakers recently addressed those concerns during their presentations at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Cattle Feeders and Veterinarian’s Day.

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A Butcher’s Case for Small Cattle and a Small World

A Butcher’s Case for Small Cattle and a Small World

Tom Mylan

The Atlantic

It doesn’t really matter how you feel about confined animal feeding operations, feedlots, or any other unsustainable farming practice. Why? Because they’re unsustainable and by their very definition doomed to obsolescence.

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Trich testing now mandatory for bulls in Oklahoma

Trich testing now mandatory for bulls in Oklahoma

David Cantrell

McAlester News-Capital

By now most Oklahoma beef producers know the Oklahoma legislature passed a law in 2010 requiring testing for Trichomoniasis in non-virgin breeding bulls over 1 year of age changing ownership or management within the state of Oklahoma.

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Modest expansion of beef cow herd possible in 2011

Modest expansion of beef cow herd possible in 2011

Derrell Peel

High Plains Journal

The much anticipated USDA Cattle report confirmed that the beef industry is beginning 2011 with a small cow herd, limited replacement heifers and even tighter feeder supplies. The beef cow herd decreased 1.6 percent in 2010 to a Jan. 1, 2011, total of 30.9 million head.

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Research required when buying bulls

Research required when buying bulls

David Burton

Springfield News Leader

This time of year a variety of catalogs appear in the mailboxes of rural landowners. These catalogs have the latest offerings in seed corn, soybeans, vegetables, flowers, poultry and beef breeding stock, especially bulls.

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Future bright for Pittsylvania cattle farmers

Future bright for Pittsylvania cattle farmers

Tara Bozick


The future for beef cattle producers looks strong as technology and management advances are transforming the industry.

Beef cattle production remains solid in Pittsylvania County, as evidenced by the gathering of more than 220 farmers from the region and East Coast at Tuesday night’s beef program hosted by the Pittsylvania County Cattlemen’s Association.

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How to Judge Conformation in Cattle

How to Judge Conformation in Cattle


Conformation in cattle is one of the utmost important qualities that a cattle producer must know about and understand when raising a good, solid breeding herd of cattle.

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