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Baxter Black, DVM: NASCAR CORN

Baxter Black, DVM: NASCAR CORN

NASCAR has announced an agreement with the National Corn Growers Association to begin using Ethanol 15, a greener fuel, manufactured from corn.

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Protein Supplement Pays Off

Protein Supplement Pays Off

Del Deterling

Contributing Editor

Progressive Farmer

Troy Ellis has high expectations from his cow herd. Over the years, he has consistently weaned better than a 90% calf crop per cow bred, and steer calves have averaged 550 pounds at weaning.

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Branding 101

Branding 101

Kent Hanawalt

Montana Cowboy College

In the large acreages of the west, branding is a necessary part of cattle management. It is impossible to keep all of the livestock within the fences all of the time. The pastures are often miles from home, and it may be weeks between checks of the cattle. There are usually mountains and valleys, trees and brush for the cattle to hide in. Livestock can disappear for months – branding provides a "return address" for cattle and horses.

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Proper Development Important for Bull Performance

Proper Development Important for Bull Performance

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Every year about this time many producers are busy looking for replacement bulls to go into their cow herds. As most producers know, every bull, at some point in time has to be replaced due to age, injury, reproductive unsoundness or because that bull no longer fits the program.

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Calculating corn silage value

Calculating corn silage value

Cindy Snyder

The Prairie Star

Corn prices are up nearly 70 percent from a year ago, but will corn silage prices show the same kind of strength?

According to Bruce Anderson, $6 per bushel corn should translate into $50 per ton corn silage. Simple biology is at the root of the University of Nebraska extension forage specialist’s calculations.

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Pfizer Announces New Genetic Capabilities

Pfizer Announces New Genetic Capabilities

Southern Livestock Standard

Pfizer Animal Genetics laboratory in Kalamazoo, Michigan,announced March 7th, they received Ilumina® CSPro 50K certification. The certification reaffirms Pfizer Animal Genetics’ commitment and investment in cutting-edge genomic technology to support livestock producers.

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Combating “Spring Feeding Frenzy”

Combating “Spring Feeding Frenzy”


As sure as winter’s thaw begins to warm temperatures and bring new life to pastures, a phenomenon known as “spring feeding frenzy” occurs when cattle on feed increase dry matter intake (DMI).

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Humane care can prove profitable

Humane care can prove profitable

High Plains Journal

Larry Dreiling

The cattle industry is a last bastion of animal husbandry and needs to market itself that way.

So says Bernie Rollin, Ph.D., university bioethicist and distinguished professor of Philosophy, Animal Sciences and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University.

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New Website Dehorning.com Launches

New Website Dehorning.com Launches


With increasing public interest in farm animal handling practices, a new Website – Dehorning.com – has been launched to share science-based information and facilitate discussion about cattle dehorning. The Website is sponsored by H.W. Naylor Company, Inc.

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Bennet, Udall urge opening Japan to Colorado beef

Bennet, Udall urge opening Japan to Colorado beef

The Greeley Tribune

Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall sent a letter to the president Tuesday urging him to press Japan as that country takes part in Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations. Those negotiations are aimed at expanding the presence of U.S. businesses and exports in the Asia-Pacific region.

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