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Grass Tetany Season Is Around the Corner

Grass Tetany Season Is Around the Corner

Dr. Mark A. McCann, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

Early spring is usually the peak period for the occurrence of grass tetany in lactating beef cows in Virginia.  Grass tetany is caused by low blood levels of magnesium and is worsened by high levels of nitrogen and potassium and low levels of calcium and magnesium intake.

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February Not Too Early to Get Ready for Breeding Season

February Not Too Early to Get Ready for Breeding Season

University of Arkansas

Although calving season may be in full swing, it isn’t too early to prepare for the breeding season, says Dr. David Fernandez, Cooperative Extension Program livestock specialist at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

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Libyan Unrest Meets The U.S. Cattle Industry

Libyan Unrest Meets The U.S. Cattle Industry

Troy Marshall


I’m sure most readers would consider the political unrest occurring in Libya today to be as disconnected from the U.S. cattle industry as any two events could be. In actuality, however, the situation illustrates just how interconnected we have become via the global economy.

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Bigger Not Always Better When It Comes to Bull

Bigger Not Always Better When It Comes to Bull

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Tim Ohlde is a Kansas cattleman with a national reputation for selling cattle that can succeed in two very different worlds. They meet feedlot demands for gains, but also are capable of living in the real world, raising calves on limited nutrition.

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Assessing summer forage production

Assessing summer forage production

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Just last week I thought spring was here – the temperature was in the 60s and the snow gone; water was flowing and the yards were getting muddy. So much for my dream of spring – snow, wind and cold temperatures have returned.

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Economic advantages to implanting nursing calves

Economic advantages to implanting nursing calves

Glen Selk

Farm and Ranch Guide

Many new technologies have been made available to the beef industry over the last 50 years. Few technologies have the potential return on investment as do growth promoting implants for nursing calves.

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2011 Range Beef Cow Symposium Dates and Location Announced

2011 Range Beef Cow Symposium Dates and Location Announced

The 23rd Range Beef Cow Symposium (RBCS) will be held Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in Mitchell, Neb. This popular educational event for cattle producers started in 1969 at Chadron, Neb., and is held every other year.

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Who Needs Pictures?

Who Needs Pictures?

Ryan Goodman

Beef Today

If you have ever been face to face with an agitated mother cow while tagging her calf or had your hands tied when the panels break in the corral, you probably understand what I mean when I say, "Who has time for pictures?"

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Red Angus Plays a Strong Role in Profitable Ranching

Red Angus Plays a Strong Role in Profitable Ranching

Cattle Today

Cattlemen across the nation are recognizing the role genetics play in increasing both quality and profitability of their cowherds. Breeders and industry professionals who attended the annual BrainTrust meeting in Denver, Colo., held during the National Western Stock Show, discussed the direction of the beef cattle industry and Red Angus’ impact on profitability.

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Best bet for healthy calves – Good nutrition throughout gestation

Best bet for healthy calves – Good nutrition throughout gestation


Farm and Ranch Guide

Research suggests that feeding cows a ration that maintains a body condition score of five or six throughout gestation will help produce healthy calves.

Calves from cows that were not too fat or too thin throughout gestation – also appear to gain better than those calves from cows that were too fat or too thin.

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