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Issues of concern with the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup™)

Issues of concern with the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup™)

There has been recent media coverage of a letter written by Dr. Huber, retire professor from Purdue University’s Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, to USDA Secretary Vilsack identifying his concern over the widespread use of glyphosate (Roundup™) causing negative impacts on soil and plants as well as possibly animal and human health. Since Purdue was identified in the media coverage, we are getting calls and emails asking questions about the validity and credibility of the statements. In response, a group of scientific experts in the areas of soils, plant pathology, and weed science from Purdue University have created an Extension Fact Sheet that provides a “scientific evaluation” of what we know and don’t know. This fact sheet is worth reading to be informed about the issues and to dispel the rumors.


Ron Lemenager, PhD. PAS

Beef Extension Specialist

Purdue University




BeefTalk: Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

BeefTalk: Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Following a bird hatch, remnants of abandoned nests can be found. There may be indications that not all of the birds survived the incubation or early upbringing.

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How to Market during Volatile Times

How to Market during Volatile Times

Beef Today

Today’s commodity markets are extremely volatile, notes a University of Missouri Extension agriculture business specialist. Obviously, prices make a big difference in a grower’s profitability. So what is the best way for a grower to deal with price volatility?

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Feeding Cows 101

Feeding Cows 101

Kent Hanawalt

Montana Cowboy College

The grass in Montana is some of the best in the world. Cattle grow quickly through the summer, and gains are cheap. In fact, the whole romantic idea of cowboys and cattle drives began with trailing herds of cattle up from Texas into the rich prairie grasslands to fatten through the summer before being shipped by rail to markets in the east.

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Cattle Market Top 10 List for 2011

Cattle Market Top 10 List for 2011

Darrell Mark

Angus Journal

As we begin a new year, we always see a lot of predictions for the upcoming year, whether it be for the most popular movies, the most glamorous people or the hottest cars. While I sure can’t offer any insight into those important pop-culture topics, I could offer my best guesses for what we’ll see in the cattle market this year.

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Gerald Stokka: What’s the cost of calf health?

Gerald Stokka: What’s the cost of calf health?

Amanda Radke

Tri state Livestock News

How does your animal health management program impact your bottom line? What is the cost of maintaining optimal calf health, and what is it worth? These were the questions answered by Jerry Stokka, DVM, at the annual Pfizer Animal Health meeting in Brookings, SD, held Feb. 10, 2011.

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Temple Grandin draws crowd to discuss improving animal welfare

Temple Grandin draws crowd to discuss improving animal welfare

Alaina Mousel

Tri State Livestock News

World-renown livestock handling expert Temple Grandin drew a crowd of 800-plus students, faculty and community members to South Dakota State University campus on Wednesday, Feb. 9, to discuss ways to improve animal welfare.

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‘We’re all cattle producers’

‘We’re all cattle producers’

Mark Newman

Ottumwa Courier

Otis likes to herd cattle so much, Tim Kaldenberg actually had to hold the dog back before finally calling out, “Put ’em in the barn!” Otis, of course, won’t be the one appearing at the Cornbelt Cow-Calf Conference in Ottumwa.

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When Will The National Cow Herd Expand?

When Will The National Cow Herd Expand?


With record high feed costs, essentially record high fuel costs, and a high demand and short supply of beef, consumers are seeing high prices at the meat counter. Insiders in the beef industry are beginning to ask what it will take for beef producers to start to retain some heifers to rebuild the national beef herd.

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UNCE holding meeting on value-added beef program

UNCE holding meeting on value-added beef program


The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension will hold an educational meeting on March 10 to discuss a value-added beef program for Nevada cattle producers.

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Select Sires Announces Dairy and Beef Photo Contest

Select Sires Announces Dairy and Beef Photo Contest

Customer success is the passion of every employee within the Select Sires federation. Select Sires would like to celebrate this success by offering for the first time a Select Sires photo contest. Select Sires is looking for new, exciting photos of Select-sired offspring and customers to use in promotions such as calendars, posters, brochures, on the website and much more.

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