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As we horse owners and lovers struggle to find some middle ground in the tragic abandoned horse issue, maybe we need to look “outside the box.”

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Pre-Planning is Key to Successful A.I.

Pre-Planning is Key to Successful A.I.

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Synchronization programs, for artificial insemination (AI), have changed a little over the years. Experience and improvements to the synchronization technology probably have modified these programs enough to where almost any outfit can adapt to a protocol depending on time and labor resources

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Whole Foods adopts new system that rates how the meat was treated

Whole Foods adopts new system that rates how the meat was treated

Marsha Trainer

City Pages

Adopting the meat rating principles set forth by the Global Animal Partnership, Whole Foods rolled out a program this month that lets shoppers know how the animals that became their beef, chicken, and pork products were treated during their lives.

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Beef cattle numbers decreasing as producers back out of the business

Beef cattle numbers decreasing as producers back out of the business

Farm and Dairy

A smaller beef herd reported in USDA‘s Jan. 1 cattle inventory estimates has provided the cattle markets with even more bullish news. Beef cow numbers continue to fall as producers seem to want out of the business, said Purdue University Extension economist Chris Hurt.

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Premiums for non-hormone treated cattle available

Premiums for non-hormone treated cattle available

Loretta Sorenson

Tri State Livestock News

“There’s no telling how long demand will remain this strong,” Price said. “Right now I have orders I can’t fill because I haven’t located enough of this type of cattle.”

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

Although I usually emphasize energy and protein intake when planning winter cow nutrition, ensuring adequate vitamin A intake is also important. Vitamin A is the vitamin most likely to be deficient in cattle diets and is the only vitamin with a well-defined requirement. It is important for vision, bone formation, growth, reproduction, and skin and other tissue health.

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No More Feed Store Antibiotics?

No More Feed Store Antibiotics?

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Mike Apley doesn’t have a problem with taking antibiotics off the shelves of local feed stores. He says there are uses today he hopes would be different if a veterinarian were involved. It’s a position he’s taken heat on from some in the cattle industry.

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Love Meat Tender :: The 10 Most Tender Beef Muscles

Love Meat Tender :: The 10 Most Tender Beef Muscles

Chris Raines

Pennsylvania State University

Twice in the last 24 hours I have encountered some misunderstanding about the relative tenderness ranking of beef muscles. In one case, someone asked about the teres major (petite tender, and thank you for asking}

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Earth gets spoils of animal composting

Earth gets spoils of animal composting

Andrea Uhde Shepherd and Jessie Halladay

USA Today

When an electrical wire fell on her Springfield, Ky., farm last April and killed 20 beef cattle, Frances Medley figured she would have to bury the animals — the remains had been left too long to be butchered, and her livestock pickup service had closed.

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R-CALF Requests More Action

R-CALF Requests More Action


R-CALF USA has requested the Department of Justice and the Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration to immediately initiate a Packers and Stockyards Act enforcement action against beef packer JBS.

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