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Why is there a calf in the bathtub!?

Why is there a calf in the bathtub!?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

This week was Mr. Ron Hayes from the Radio Oklahoma Network.  He was talking about reviving newborn calves in your bathtub!  I felt a cense of relief come over me to learn that I’m not the only one who, (as my wife put’s it) "pamper my cattle".

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National Cattlemen Elect Pony-Tailed President With Ties to Rival Group

National Cattlemen Elect Pony-Tailed President With Ties to Rival Group

Jerry Hagstrom


On paper, Bill Donald looks like a typical National Cattlemen’s Beef Association president.

A third-generation Montana rancher, Donald runs his operation with the help of his wife and two sons.

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Much Of Last Year’s Hay Needs Supplement

Much Of Last Year’s Hay Needs Supplement

Wallace’s Farmer

Thanks to an excess of rainfall this past summer, many producers had difficulty getting hay made in a timely manner which resulted in over-mature forage.

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Kentucky moves to prevent spread of cattle diseases

Kentucky moves to prevent spread of cattle diseases

Southeast Farm Press

All breeding cattle 18 months of age and older that are offered for sale at Kentucky stockyards are required to be identified with the state veterinarian’s office effective Feb. 14, State Veterinarian Robert C. Stout has announced.

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BeefTalk: Calving Date – When?

BeefTalk: Calving Date – When?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

When discussing major changes in the beef cow operation, calving date and cow size quickly come to life. The easiest to change is calving date.

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NU vet: HSUS here to stay

NU vet: HSUS here to stay

Lori Potter

Kearney Hub

Groups that want to forever change or even eliminate animal agriculture have several trends in their favor.

A growing urban America means that more than half of the population is at least three generations removed from farming, said Jeff Ondrak, a beef cattle clinical veterinarian and University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member at the Great Plains Veterinary Education Center in Clay Center.

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Red Angus plays strong role in profitable ranching

Red Angus plays strong role in profitable ranching

High Plains Journal

Cattlemen across the nation are recognizing the role genetics play in increasing both quality and profitability of their cowherds. Breeders and industry professionals who attended the annual BrainTrust meeting in Denver, Colo., held during the National Western Stock Show, discussed the direction of the beef cattle industry and Red Angus’s impact on profitability.

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