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Getting Bulls Ready

Getting Bulls Ready

Kindra Gordon

Hereford World

What should I be feeding my bulls?” South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension beef specialist Julie Walker says that is a question she is commonly asked by seedstock and commercial producers alike.

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Remedies Available for Adverse Audit Decisions

Remedies Available for Adverse Audit Decisions

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Many taxpayers fear being audited, for good reasons. An extended period of deductions for livestock ranching, or other farming ventures can easily trigger an audit.

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Correct Dose Critical For Pinkeye Problems

Correct Dose Critical For Pinkeye Problems

Dr. Ken McMillan


One of my bulls had pinkeye, and I did not catch it soon enough. At this point he already has the pimple on his eye. He is about 1,600 pounds and 4 years old.

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Using salt to limit intake

Using salt to limit intake

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

Cattlemen continue to investigate ways to reduce cow costs. Standardized Production Analysis (SPA) and Integrated Resource Management (IRM) records indicate that labor costs affect annual cow costs. Management strategies to reduce cow costs, in particular labor costs, would increase profit potential of the cow-calf enterprise.

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Cargill’s Fresno facility fights pathogen with innovative hide-on-carcass wash

Cargill’s Fresno facility fights pathogen with innovative hide-on-carcass wash

Provisioner Online

Cargill has completed projects to expand its already extensive food-safety efforts at its Fresno, Calif., beef-production facility, having spent $4.2 million to install a hide-on-carcass wash. The wash closely resembles a “car wash for cattle,” in which the hides of animals are scrubbed with spinning bristles and a mild bromine solution that kills bacteria at the beginning of the harvesting process.

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The Nebraska Ranch Practicum is accepting registrations

The Nebraska Ranch Practicum is accepting registrations

Brent Plugge

The Fence Post

The 2011 Nebraska Ranch Practicum gives ranchers cutting edge research in range livestock production from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Natural resources, livestock management and economic reality are integrated throughout the Practicum.

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Shrinkage of the U.S. Beef Cattle Herd

Shrinkage of the U.S. Beef Cattle Herd


The USDA’s semi-annual cattle inventory report came out at the end of January and it showed a continuation of a reduction in the nation’s beef cattle herd that began in 2007.

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