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Turning Heifers Into Seasoned Money-Makers

Turning Heifers Into Seasoned Money-Makers

Rhonda Brooks


How you manage the nutritional needs of a first-calf heifer can determine whether she becomes a weak link in your beef herd or a seasoned money-maker.

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AI success depends on proper handling

AI success depends on proper handling

Bill Beal

The technique for artificial insemination (AI) and the site of semen placement are often cited as the “keys” to achieving a high AI conception rate. However, the handling of semen before and after thawing can also significantly influence the success of AI. Care should be taken to avoid thermal damage of stored, frozen semen prior to thawing and cold shock of thawed semen after thawing.

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Frigid winter is reason to consider bull reproduction check

Frigid winter is reason to consider bull reproduction check

AG Answers

Purdue Extension beef specialist Ron Lemenager recommends beef producers invest in annual breeding soundness exams because extreme cold in December and January could increase the chances of bulls having frostbite that can impact reproduction.

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Ag group sues EPA on greenhouse gas rules

Ag group sues EPA on greenhouse gas rules

Forrest Laws

Southwest Farm Press

EPA is flaunting the will of Congress and of the American people by cracking down on greenhouse gas emission violations under its administrative rule-making procedure, says the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and a number of other agricultural organizations that have sued the agency to block enforcement of the new greenhouse gas emission rules that went into effect in January.

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January 9, 1887 – “The Great Die Up”

January 9, 1887 – “The Great Die Up”

M. Timothy Nolting

The Fence Post

Some say that the winter of 1887 was the worst winter in the west. In Nebraska, there may be those who would dispute that claim and counter with, “The blizzard of 1888 was the worst.”

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Curtis ag college makes connections through ‘combat boots to cowboy boots’

Curtis ag college makes connections through ‘combat boots to cowboy boots’

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

McCook Daily Gazette

U.S. military service members from around the world will receive care packages from students at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture thanks to a new grant from the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation.

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Support Growing Against Dust Rule

Support Growing Against Dust Rule


National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Bill Donald says it is encouraging to hear members of Congress voice opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ongoing effort to regulate dust at an unprecedented level.

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Coffee Cattleman Increases Herd More Efficiently

Coffee Cattleman Increases Herd More Efficiently

Eddie Phillips

Dothan First

At least one beef producer in Coffee County has found a more efficient way to increase his herd.

Glenn Crumpler is the director of Cattle For Christ International- a ministry which combines agricultural assistance with missionary work.

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College students compete to see who’s the best judge of slabs of beef, pork and lamb.

College students compete to see who’s the best judge of slabs of beef, pork and lamb.

Hanna Raskin

Dallas Observer

‘Well, here’s the deal," Davey Griffin, associate professor of animal science at Texas A&M University, told me when he learned I planned to show up at an Oak Cliff packing plant for the Southwestern Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest. "It’s not a spectator sport."

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New Shows, New Events at 20th Cattlemen’s Classic

New Shows, New Events at 20th Cattlemen’s Classic

Megan Johnson


The 20th Cattlemen’s Classic is underway this week with several new events and a new home.

The show is still at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, but this is the first year it’s been in the new Exposition Center.

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