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Pen Hookers, Stockyards, and Livestock Marketing

Pen Hookers, Stockyards, and Livestock Marketing

Dr. Roy Burris


I’ve been thinking a lot about order buying, stockyards and cattle marketing lately. Recent events suggest that we should re-evaluate and, perhaps, make some changes in the way our business is conducted.

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BeefTalk: Efficient, Fast-paced Growth?

BeefTalk: Efficient, Fast-paced Growth?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The turn in the road often involves two big changes, which are a shift in calving date and a downsizing of the cow.

Where do we go in the grass, cow and beef business? The beef cow stands in the middle between grass and beef. Time stands between grain and grass. Dollars stand between time and profit.

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Most important skills in feedlot health: Look, listen, feel

Most important skills in feedlot health: Look, listen, feel


Farm & Ranch Guide

In the perfect feedlot operation, cattle fed the correct nutrition and given the proper vaccinations would finish healthy and with the best quality beef. However, that doesn’t always work that way.

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AI Efficiency Hinges On Many Factors

AI Efficiency Hinges On Many Factors

Burt Rutherford


“The best thing to happen to breeding heifers is $6 corn,” says Willie Altenburg, a northern Colorado rancher and a part of Genex, a cattle genetics and AI cooperative. While high feed costs are not good for the industry overall, $6 corn can encourage a rancher to not get his heifers too fat before breeding season.

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Ranch Snow Day: The Prolapse

Ranch Snow Day: The Prolapse

Ryan Goodman

Beef Today

We have heard it time and time again, "No farms or ranches closed today due to winter weather." Farmers and Ranchers must brave any and all weather conditions to care for and feed livestock. But how often do we hear what happens during those days?

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Dry Lot Beef Cow Production and the costs of using this system.

Dry Lot Beef Cow Production and the costs of using this system.

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, University of Nebraska

As land costs and pasture costs continue to rise, there seems to be more interest in dry-lotting beef cows. Following is a url to Nebraska Livestock Budgets. Budget C6 and C7 are budgets for dry-lotting beef cows.

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Kansas State University’s Cattlemen’s Day

Kansas State University’s Cattlemen’s Day

Fort Scott Tribune

The new Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan, a beef cattle outlook and other topics pertinent to cattle producers will highlight Kansas State University’s Cattlemen’s Day, to be held Friday, March 4 in Manhattan.

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Free ‘Good Agricultural Practices’ webinars

Free ‘Good Agricultural Practices’ webinars

Bill Nobles


The CSU Food Science and Human Nutrition department is producing three webinars titled “Good Agricultural Practices:? Farm-to-Table Food Safety for Colorado Produce Crops.” These webinars will be one hour each and are free to the public. Producers, buyers, and all those interested in food safety and good agricultural practices are invited to attend.

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Montana Cowboy Airlifts Herd to Russia

Montana Cowboy Airlifts Herd to Russia

Moscow Times

Darrell Stevenson eats a minimum of eight pounds of beef per week at his family’s cattle ranch in Montana. Feeding that appetite in Russia, which he compares to America’s old West, can be tough.

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Cattle Feeding: Feed or filler?

Cattle Feeding: Feed or filler?

Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler


As the winter rolls on, we continue to see corn prices escalate having cattlemen wandering when will it come down. On the flipside, it has many folks, as I was reminded over the holidays while visiting with the in-laws, cussing the decision to sell corn at $4.25 per bushel early this fall.

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