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 “Alone at the Top,” was how the Pro Rodeo Sports News Magazine described the crowning of Trevor Brazile, World Champion All-Around Cowboy, for the 8th time, a world record.

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Doing the Right Things

Doing the Right Things

Kindra Gordon

Hereford World

When most people think about cow-calf operations, they visualize wide-open spaces, green grass, horse and rider, and a beautiful environment. But, the reality is that cow-calf operations are an outdoor production system and conditions are less than idyllic most of the year

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Steve Cornett:  How to Help Eastern Livestock’s Victims

Steve Cornett:  How to Help Eastern Livestock’s Victims

Beef Today

USDA should be required to cover Eastern Livestock’s bad checks at least enough to offset the agency’s failure to fulfill its legislatively-mandated oversight of the company’s bonding requirements.

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Ranchers may expand cattle numbers, slowly

Ranchers may expand cattle numbers, slowly

Ching Lee

California Farm Bureau

Generous rainfall this winter and improved rangeland conditions may encourage California cattle ranchers to expand their herds—but with feed, fuel and other operational expenses going up, some remain cautious about expanding too much, too soon.

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A Day in the Life: Butchering brothers have meaty job

A Day in the Life: Butchering brothers have meaty job

Brad Smith

El Dorado Hills Telegraph

“I’ve been a butcher for more than 36 years,” he said. “The profession’s changed. That’s why I like running my own place. That way, I can maintain those high standards I learned early on.”

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Winter nutrition in cold weather

Winter nutrition in cold weather

Ivan G. Rush

Tri State Livestock News

As I start to write this a couple thoughts come to mind. The thermometer reads minus 5, and is projected to go to 15 below with wind chills nearing 40 below.

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GIPSA Paper Trail Short

GIPSA Paper Trail Short

Hoosier AG Today

  Eastern Livestock Company based in New Albany, Indiana owes 743 sellers in 30 states more than 130-million dollars for livestock the firm bought and sold. Now bankrupt, Eastern Livestock’s co-owner and past president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, John Queen, says GIPSA’s failure to keep records or conduct consistent audits of Eastern Livestock led to serious financial devastation for many producers, truckers and livestock markets.

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Ranch Management University scheduled April 12-15

Ranch Management University scheduled April 12-15

North Texas E-News

Ranch Management University, scheduled April 12-15 in College Station, is a workshop designed to help new and novice landowners improve their understanding of managing resources on the ranch.

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Cargill does just dandy on ‘Oprah’

Cargill does just dandy on ‘Oprah’

Fort Morgan Times

Cargill Meat Solutions’ Fort Morgan beef plant came out smelling like a rose in Tuesday’s "Oprah."

The plant was featured in a show in which nearly 400 members of the Oprah Winfrey staff took a one-week vegan challenge, swearing off all meat products.

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Wall Street Reform Act Already Benefiting Cattle Industry

Wall Street Reform Act Already Benefiting Cattle Industry


In accordance with its member-developed policies, R-CALF USA set out to reform the cattle futures market to restore that market as a viable tool for live cattle producers who want to manage the risk of volatility in the cattle market.

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