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Distillers Grains: The Name Means Little

Distillers Grains: The Name Means Little

Bryan McMurry, PhD

American Cattlemen

The recent boom in ethanol production is having widespread consequences within the various segments of the beef industry.  One of those consequences is the volume and variable forms of the distillers’ grains, the byproduct of grain-based ethanol production that are available to cattle feeders.

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Taste, Cost and Choice Important to Most Consumers

Taste, Cost and Choice Important to Most Consumers

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Once again this week, Oprah Winfrey, the queen of daytime television, took shots at agriculture while doing a show on being vegan. But, new data shows consumers are not buying the anti-meat message.

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Don’t Delay Assisting at Calving Says Livestock Specialist

Don’t Delay Assisting at Calving Says Livestock Specialist

University of Missouri

Cow-calf farmers should be arranging their schedules in the next couple of months to devote more time to their cow herds. This is especially true for those who calve in late winter-early spring.

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Preventing Scours in the Upcoming Calving Season

Preventing Scours in the Upcoming Calving Season

Dr. W. Dee Whittier, Extension Veterinarian, Cattle, VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, VA Tech

With the upcoming calving season the threat of calf scours should always be given some consideration.  Calf scours is the condition that baby calves in the first month of life deal with when they get a severe case of diarrhea that may be life-threatening.  It is an infectious disease that may be caused by one or more of viruses, bacteria and tiny parasites.

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Whole Foods implements new animal welfare rating system

Whole Foods implements new animal welfare rating system

Brian Gaar

Austin Statesman

Whole Foods Market Inc. is implementing a new animal welfare rating system for its meats and other livestock products that officials say will help improve the lives of farm animals.

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Cargill featured on ‘Oprah’

Cargill featured on ‘Oprah’

John La Porte

Fort Morgan Times

Fort Morgan’s Cargill beef processing plant was featured on the "Oprah" show Tuesday.

Cargill Meat Solutions’ Fort Morgan plant appeared Tuesday on the “Oprah” show. Lisa Ling, a reporter for the show, went on a tour of the plant led by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, assistant vice president and general manager of the local plant.

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Why cattle markets are having a cow

Why cattle markets are having a cow

Colin Barr


Cattle prices are on the hoof lately. But don’t just blame Ben Bernanke.

There are plenty of other places to point the finger if you want to assess responsibility for record livestock prices. You can start with wrongheaded U.S. energy policy, tightfisted herders and soaring food demand.

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