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Can BVD Make People Sick?

Can BVD Make People Sick?

Dr. Ken McMillan


We’ve had a problem with BVD on the farm, and we’re wondering if we should be worried about getting sick due to the presence of this disease?

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Steve Cornett: An Empty Promise

Steve Cornett: An Empty Promise

Beef Today

A couple of New York Times writers put their finger on the problem with President Obama’s substance-free promise to eliminate dumb federal regulations.

If you buy that, I’ve got a check here from Eastern Livestock I’d like you to cash for me.

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Preparing for calving and calf scour season

Preparing for calving and calf scour season

Tim Clark


Calving season is a busy and exciting time.  However, for some, calving season is dreaded due to the extra work and stress created by chronic calf scours.  Calf diarrhea is caused by multiple organisms.  The potential of a calf developing scours depends on the strength of their immune system, the level of exposure, and the calf’s age when exposed to the infectious dose of the causative organism.

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Livestock, wildlife sharing same land

Livestock, wildlife sharing same land

John Holland

The Modesto Bee

Who would have thought that beef cattle would be so important to the diet of the sandhill crane?

It’s not that this bird likes to grill up a steak or swoop into Burger King for a meal.

Cattle help the cranes, wildlife experts said last week, by keeping grasses short enough for the fowl to find insects and other food on the ground.

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Cow-calf: Improper Dosing Can Be Costly

Cow-calf: Improper Dosing Can Be Costly

Bovine Veterinarian

It’s 14 degrees outside and you finally got the calf to the chute to be treated. You’re ready to give the medication, but when you grab the bottle, the label was badly smeared from the last scouring calf that you treated. You stand there trying to remember, How many cc’s? Was it IM or SubQ?

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Beef and livestock pavilion Home to demonstrations

Beef and livestock pavilion Home to demonstrations


Adding to World Ag Expo’s seminars line-up for 2011, the Beef and Livestock Pavilion seminars and demonstrations bring a new level of agriculture education to an already packed expo. Located in the 22,500-square-foot pavilion in the southwest corner of the grounds, the Beef and Livestock demonstration area will be the premier location where exhibitors will showcase new technology for the beef and livestock industry.

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Livestock Marketeers honor Cotton, Lefty and Spader

Livestock Marketeers honor Cotton, Lefty and Spader


The names of three livestock professionals were added to the Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame wall at the National Western Stock Show Club on Jan. 15. The Livestock Marketeers — an informal fraternity of livestock fieldmen, auctioneers, sale managers and related livestock business leaders — met for their 46th Annual Banquet in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.

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