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Selling more sizzle than steak

Selling more sizzle than steak

Steve Koperud

Brownfield Network

Sometimes I wonder whether the folks in food retailing are wicked smart, dumber than a box of rocks or just don’t care about main street consumers. The media is all atwitter again this week about Whole Foods’ new “animal welfare labeling,” yet another marketing move by the warm, fuzzy, touchy-feely, way, way expensive food chain out of Austin, Texas.

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Slow Start for Orphan Calf

Slow Start for Orphan Calf

Dr. Ken McMillan


Q&A:  We had a calf born that could not find the udder to nurse. I milked the mom and got her colostrum into the calf. I gave the calf a small amount of supplement milk for a couple of days, hoping it would start to nurse but it never did.

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Ag industry needs to open up, says expert

Ag industry needs to open up, says expert

St Albert Gazette

Farmers should use audits and video cameras to show the public they are treating their animals right, says a noted researcher.

Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, gave the annual Louis D. Hyndman Sr. lecture at the University of Alberta Wednesday.

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Cold Weather Could Bring Higher Beef Prices

Cold Weather Could Bring Higher Beef Prices


They say beef is what’s for dinner, but when conditions get cold and wet, that price of dinner can rise.

"What we don’t want is moisture," said Mike Briggs, of Briggs Feedyard. "We don’t want precipitation, and we’ve had very little."

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Does line breeding pay?

Does line breeding pay?

Maurice Boney

Tri State Livestock News

As a college student at Iowa State University in the late 1930s, Maurice Boney didn’t envision building a herd of high-quality cattle in Colorado. However, a series of events at that time brought him in contact with Dr. Jay Lush, then a prominent geneticist who had developed some theories about the benefit of line breeding.

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NCBA supports nutrition labeling

NCBA supports nutrition labeling

High Plains Journal

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Kristina Butts issued the following statement on the final rule published in the Federal Register on Dec. 29, 2010, titled "Nutrition Labeling of Single-Ingredient Products or Chopped Meat and Poultry Products"

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Randy Blach to be honored as CSU’s livestock leader of the year

Randy Blach to be honored as CSU’s livestock leader of the year

The Denver Post

Randy Blach of Centennial will be honored for his leadership and dedication to the cattle industry today as Colorado State University’s livestock leader of the year.

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Linking In-The-Womb Nutrition With Lifelong Profitability

Linking In-The-Womb Nutrition With Lifelong Profitability

Mark Parker


Bill Ankenman and his son Chris don’t call what they do "fetal programming", but they’ve always been sticklers about taking good care of their Tarentaise cows. Now they’re finding out why their program works so well.

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Raising replacement cows, Hodde style

Raising replacement cows, Hodde style

Martha Hollida Garrett

Southern Livestock Standard

Leroy and son, Bradley Hodde raise replacement females, and they raise good ones. The Hodde name is associated with quality female consignments at high end commercial replacement heifer sales in Texas and cattlemen across Texas, and Louisiana are now utilizing their genetics.

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Beef Technology

Beef Technology


Where would beef be without technology? that’s a question Dr. Gary Sides addressed Thursday at the 2011 Intermountain Livestock symposium at the College Of Southern Idaho. Dr. Sides is a beef cattle nutritionist. In the past he says it typically took one livestock producer to feed just under 20 people.

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