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Charlie Stoltenow: Prepare for cold weather and minimize cold stress in newborn calves

Charlie Stoltenow: Prepare for cold weather and minimize cold stress in newborn calves

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

Calves that are severely chilled at birth, without immediate assistance to warm/dry them and make sure they ingest colostrum in a timely manner, have poor survival rates.

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Bulls are big business

Bulls are big business

The Tennessean

— The best purebred Angus bulls in Tennessee are expected to lure about 150 beef cattle farmers to town next week for the Senior Bull Test sale.

John West said he’s been to the past 20 or so auctions held since the bull test program started in 1980 at the Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center in Spring Hill.

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Managing cattle in bitter cold

Managing cattle in bitter cold

North Platte Bulletin

Bitter cold temperatures and extreme wind chills likely will continue this winter in the High Plains and upper Midwest regions of the U.S., according to forecasts.

These conditions are stressful for cattle that have not adequately acclimated to such conditions, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef specialist said.

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Cattle Raisers applaud emergency designation for eminent domain reform

Cattle Raisers applaud emergency designation for eminent domain reform

North Texas e-News

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) today applauded Governor Rick Perry’s designation of eminent domain reform as an emergency item during the opening day ceremonies of the 82nd state legislative session.

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Affymetrix Launches Cost-Effective Bovine Genotyping Array for Accurate Trait Selection

Affymetrix Launches Cost-Effective Bovine Genotyping Array for Accurate Trait Selection


-Affymetrix, Inc. today announced it has launched the Axiom™ Genome-Wide BOS 1 Array, which has 34 percent higher genetic coverage than the current leading array because of its unique design.

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Food Safety: Steel your company against O157:H7

Food Safety: Steel your company against O157:H7

Shawn K. Stevens

Provisioner Online

If you’ve not yet heard of E. coli O157:H7, you’ve likely never worked in the meat industry.

The pathogen, which resides in the intestines of healthy cattle, can contaminate beef carcasses during slaughter. If consumed by a human being, E. coli can attach to that person’s intestinal wall and produce toxins that attack the intestinal lining and blood cells. In rare instances, the resulting infection can cause sustained renal failure (also known as HUS) and even death.

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Yakity Yak. Let’s Talk Yak.

Yakity Yak. Let’s Talk Yak.

Marie Flanagan

Minnesota Monthly

Hooper’s Yak and Christmas tree farm in St Cloud, MN boasts about 60 head of yak, which turns out to be the largest herd in the Eastern half of North America. And it turns out, the animal is not only tasty, but also more efficient than cattle.

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Managing Cows In Cold Weather

Managing Cows In Cold Weather


Winter can pose a number of specific challenges to producers who raise cattle, but proper management can help lessen the impact of cold weather.

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Genetics: Exposing and managing genetic defects

Genetics: Exposing and managing genetic defects

Loretta Sorenson

Tri State Livestock News

Technology is beginning to take the sting out of genetic defects identified in U.S. beef herds. Researchers are quickly improving methods for identifying recessive alleles responsible for expression of genetic defects.

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Ranching for Profitability series planned in January

Ranching for Profitability series planned in January

The Fence Post

What helps make a ranch profitable? Herd health and managing risk impact the bottom line. Ranchers can learn more about current issues and topics important to ranch management and beef production when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension hosts the popular Ranching for Profitability meeting series across western and central Nebraska January 10-13.

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