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Mike Rowe: Farmers Need To Be Their Own Advocates

Mike Rowe: Farmers Need To Be Their Own Advocates

Hoosier AG Today

  Farmers became a big part of “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe” when Rowe took offense at the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” What a silly way to separate knowledge from skill,” Rowe told attendees at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 92nd annual meeting Monday.

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Ranchers as ambassadors

Ranchers as ambassadors

Certified Angus Beef

Connecting to the consumer is a hot topic any time of the year, as more and more people want to learn about the food they eat.

That’s especially important in the perception-rich world of branded beef. A 33-year-old company owned by 30,000 rancher-members of the American Angus Association is empowering its stakeholders with the facts.

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Prepare for calving season now

Prepare for calving season now

Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock News

For most producers in the northern Great Plains, calving season will be in full swing in four- to six-weeks. In this week’s column, I’ll offer a few tips on preparing for calving.

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Extension specialist offers cold-weather cow management insight

Extension specialist offers cold-weather cow management insight

South Dakota State University

Winter can pose a number of specific challenges to producers who raise cattle, but proper management can help lessen the impact of cold weather. 

That’s according to South Dakota Cooperative Extension Beef Specialist Cody Wright, who advises all beef producers to consider cold-weather steps as weather continues to bring snow, winds, and low temperatures.

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Insects: Would you add them to your diet?

Insects: Would you add them to your diet?


A group of Dutch researchers have found that insect species release fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to swine or cattle, suggesting that insects could be a protein-rich food source for humans.

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Dickinson College to raise cattle

Dickinson College to raise cattle

Elizabeth Gibson


Dickinson College will use a $13,545 grant from the Capital Resource Conservation and Development Area Council to begin raising beef cattle.

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Manage Cattle in Cold Weather This Winter

Manage Cattle in Cold Weather This Winter

University of Nebraska

Bitter cold temperatures and extremes in wind chills likely will continue this winter in the High Plains and upper Midwest regions of the U.S. These conditions are particularly stressful for groups of cattle that have not adequately acclimated to such conditions, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef specialist said.

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Cow nutrition means lifetime insurance.

Cow nutrition means lifetime insurance.

Southern States

Taking care of a cow, even before it’s bred, will result in a healthy calf. And that’s the best insurance you can buy.

"Proper cow nutrition is the key to producing healthy calves," explains Mike Peacock, beef feed sales and marketing manager for Southern States. "You’ve got to take care of your cows, especially before calving," he stresses.

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Vaccine Labeled to Reduce Prevalence and Shedding of E. coli O157

Vaccine Labeled to Reduce Prevalence and Shedding of E. coli O157

Southern Livestock Standard

“The beef industry has made significant strides in reducing foodborne pathogens, such as E. coli O157, but it continues to be a significant concern among consumers,” says Dale Grotelueschen, DVM, MS, Managing Veterinarian, Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Operations.

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Ask the Vet: Long Hooves

Ask the Vet:  Long Hooves

 Dr. Ken McMillan


QUESTION: Several of our beef cows have grown long hooves on their back feet. As the hoof grows long, the heel of the hoof starts to grow under the foot. The cow ends up lame because she walks on the heel rather than on the bottom of the foot. What causes hooves to grow long, and is there a cure or preventative?

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