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James A. Knauer, Trustee for Eastern Livestock Bankruptcy established website

James A. Knauer, Trustee for Eastern Livestock Bankruptcy established website

Exclusive to thebeefblog.com

The trustee for the Eastern Livestock Bankruptcy has established a website to keep stakeholders and the public informed about the progress of the case.

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Imagine the header clinging to the rack on the back of a flat-bed, chasing a cow across the high plains of Colorado with the hazer banging along beside him in a quarter-ton Ranger with a vet-box in the bed.

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‘Red nose’ vaccine may cause some cattle abortions

‘Red nose’ vaccine may cause some cattle abortions

The Prairie Star

Veterinarians at the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University are noticing an increased number of abortions in heifers due to the virus responsible for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), also known as ‘red nose.’

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Are Cowboys Supposed To Cry?

Are Cowboys Supposed To Cry?

BEEF Magazine

I’ve always considered myself a cowman; it’s my identity. When people ask me what I do for a living, I take pride in saying “we run cows” or “I’m a rancher.”

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Stocker Receiving Management Conference set for Jan. 25

Stocker Receiving Management Conference set for Jan. 25

High Plains Journal

Cattle producers interested in learning about stocker health and nutrition management should mark their calendars for the Stocker Receiving Management Conference.

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Eddie Baggs: Cows have 5 nutritional needs in winter

Eddie Baggs: Cows have 5 nutritional needs in winter

Denton Record Chronicle

Beef cattle nutrition involves five essential elements: water, protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. Cows may gain and lose weight during the course of a production year, but meeting all five nutritional needs is necessary to meet the demands of reproduction and lactation.

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Where’s Texas’ beef?

Where’s Texas’ beef?

Barry Shlachter

Fort Worth Star Telegram

The biggest cattle state is seeing its herd shrink.

Fewer Angus, Brahman and cross-bred calves dot the wide open spaces of Texas.

Since 1995, the state’s beef cow inventory has shrunk 12.8 percent, from 5.95 million to 5.1 million — compared with an 11 percent drop nationally.

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Sustainability Sums Up NCBA’s 2011 Priorities

Sustainability Sums Up NCBA’s 2011 Priorities


Last year went down in the books as a year full of challenges for the U.S. beef industry. In addition to dealing with the inherent challenges of weather extremes and ongoing efforts of animal-rights extremists to end animal agriculture as we know it, cattle ranchers also battled regulatory and legislative proposals void of science that could further complicate their livelihoods.

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Heart of America Grazing Conference

Heart of America Grazing Conference

Dave Russell 

Brownfield Network

Forages, grazing techniques and pasture management will be topics covered during the Heart of America Grazing Conference, January 25-26 at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne in Louisville, Kentucky.

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BeefTalk: The Future of Beef – Global Competitiveness

BeefTalk: The Future of Beef – Global Competitiveness

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

We still are pondering the future of the beef cow and visiting and revisiting old and new thoughts. If one references the world production of beef, our beef production is just one piece of a very big picture.

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