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Video Feature: AVMA’s policy on pain control for dehorning

Dr. Cia Johnson, of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Animal Welfare Division, introduces the association’s policy that encourages pain control for cattle during dehorning. Dehorning is a common practice on dairies and ranches. The AVMA’s policy strives to make this necessary procedure, which protects the cattle and farmers, as tolerable as practicable.

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Balance Minerals for Cowherd Vigor

Balance Minerals for Cowherd Vigor

Mick Kreidler

Beef Today

We all know that life is a balancing act. It’s also the key to planning your cowherd nutrition program. Good nutrition that is supplemented with a balanced mineral mix is vitally important for optimum reproduction and lactation in your cowherd.

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Trich becomes reportable disease in Kansas

Trich becomes reportable disease in Kansas

Delta George

The Fort Scott Tribune

Trichomoniasis (infection caused by Tritrichomonas foetus), commonly known as Trich, has been added to the list of officially reportable diseases in Kansas. This means ranchers, managers or veterinarians who discover the existence of Trich, must report it immediately. Bulls coming into Kansas are required to be tested for Trich prior to importation.

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NCBA Hosting Five Nations Beef Alliance

NCBA Hosting Five Nations Beef Alliance


This weekend a group of 20 young ranchers from Australia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Canada will arrive in Denver for the Second Annual Young Ranchers Program—a week-long international exchange program designed to build an international network to help shape the future direction of the industry.

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Rotate Calving Pastures To Prevent Scours

Rotate Calving Pastures To Prevent Scours

Hay and Forage Grower

Subdividing calving pastures and moving beef cows through them using the Sandhills calving system can reduce the incidence of scouring, points out Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska Extension forage specialist.

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Beef Quality Assurance Is A Stewardship Tool

Beef Quality Assurance Is A Stewardship Tool

Wes Ishmael

BEEF Magazine

Almost two decades ago, the beef industry had a demand-damning problem that no one in the cattle business was aware of: about one out of four top butts that retailers received came with an injection-site blemish.

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R-CALF USA Continues Fight for Markets

R-CALF USA Continues Fight for Markets


R-CALF USA has urged the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to use its rulemaking authority to fully restore the cattle futures market to its original purpose of affording U.S. cattle producers a useful marketing tool, void of distortion and manipulation by certain speculators and other dominant market participants.

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Price Harrison Publisher of Angus News, 77, Passes

Price Harrison Publisher of Angus News, 77, Passes

Murfreesboro Post

Price Edwin Harrison Jr., age 77, died suddenly at home on Tuesday, January 4, 2011. He was preceded in death by his parents, Price Edwin Harrison, Sr. and Ella McKnight Harrison. Price is survived by his brother James T. Harrison (Peggy); two sons, Price Edwin Harrison, III (Stacy Davis Harrison) and Mark Michael Harrison and daughter, Hart Harrison, all of Nashville, Tennessee.

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NY Considers Allowing Antibiotics Only For Therapy

NY Considers Allowing Antibiotics Only For Therapy


New York is considering banning the use of non-therapeutic antimicrobials in farm livestock and poultry.

New York lawmakers are looking to curb antimicrobial usage by pre-filing new legislation that would make non-therapeutic antimicrobial use a misdemeanor offence, reports DVM News Magazine.

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Warm drinking water helps cattle feed efficiency

Warm drinking water helps cattle feed efficiency

Burt Rutherford

BEEF Magazine

“It’s not your opinion that counts,” says Barry Swenson. “It’s what the pencil says.”

Given that approach to running a ranch, Swenson noticed a few years back that he was feeding more hay than his neighbors. And in northeastern California, where his Alturas Ranches are located, that’s significant.

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