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Understanding and Utilizing Across Breed EPDs

Understanding and Utilizing Across Breed EPDs

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

A well-known historical limitation to selection of bulls for use in crossbreeding programs has been the inability to directly compare EPDs of bulls of differing breeds.  Such comparison is useful to strategically utilize bulls of different breeds in a complimentary fashion. 

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Supplementing Beef Cows

Supplementing Beef Cows

David Lalman

Associate Professor, Beef Cattle. Oklahoma State University

On average, nearly 40% of total operating costs in cow-calf enterprises are associated with nutrition because purchased and harvested hay and concentrate feeds make up the majority of that cost. Consequently, the nutritional program represents a major target to trim cost of production

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Steve Paisley: What’s changed; what hasn’t?

Steve Paisley: What’s changed; what hasn’t?

Tri State Livestock News

My own thoughts have lingered on a question that I’ve been thinking about for almost a year – since the Range Beef Cow Symposium last December. The question is important not only to my job, but to our own family operation.

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Putting Weight Back On Cows

Putting Weight Back On Cows

Dr. Ken McMillan


Q&A: My cows lost a lot of body ­condition this summer due to the drought. I need to put some pounds back on them before ­calving season in the spring. I found a good deal on whole-­kernel corn. Can I feed my cows this corn without grinding it?

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Young Ranchers from Around the World to Meet in Denver

Young Ranchers from Around the World to Meet in Denver


On Saturday, January 8, at 6 p.m., a group of 20 young ranchers from Australia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Canada will arrive in Denver for the Second Annual Young Ranchers Program—a week-long international exchange program launched last year.

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Pa. Farm Show expected to attract a large crowd

Pa. Farm Show expected to attract a large crowd



A gargantuan food court, a tractor showroom, rodeo cowboys and contests for everything from the best livestock to the tastiest apple pie are among the attractions expected to draw as many as a half-million visitors to this year’s Pennsylvania Farm Show, which opens Saturday.

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Wyoming Beef Council approves plan of action

Wyoming Beef Council approves plan of action

Little Chicago Review

The members of the Wyoming Beef Council (WBC) met Tuesday December 14th in Casper and determined a proposed course of action to assess the attitude Wyoming beef producers have toward the implementation of a Wyoming Beef Checkoff program.

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