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Lack of Shipment Records Supports Claims of Fictitious Cattle Sales

Lack of Shipment Records Supports Claims of Fictitious Cattle Sales

Katie Micik


The receiver investigating Eastern Livestock Company’s accounts found invoices that weren’t supported by cattle shipment records and that proceeds from some paid invoices were diverted to other entities, according to a report filed by the receiver in Hamilton County, Ohio, civil court.

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Study Shows $30 Hereford Heterosis Advantage

Study Shows $30 Hereford Heterosis Advantage

American Hereford

Calves sired by Hereford bulls have a $30 per head documented advantage in feedlot profitability and 7% advantage in fertility when compared to Angus-sired calves, according to a recent research study.

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Rethinking Horse Slaughterhouses

Rethinking Horse Slaughterhouses

Wall Street Journal

Less than four years after the last equine slaughterhouses in the U.S. closed down, an unlikely coalition of ranchers, horse owners and animal-welfare groups is trying to bring them back.

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New State Tax Court Rules Against Rancher

New State Tax Court Rules Against Rancher

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Because state governments are hardpressed for revenue, state tax authorities are getting more aggressive in audits, and this has an impact on the horse and ranching industries.

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Video features opportunities for feeding cattle in Nebraska

Video features opportunities for feeding cattle in Nebraska


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) and the Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) announce the release of a video featuring many opportunities available for feeding cattle in Nebraska.

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Farmers, Ranchers Invited to Cow/Calf College

Farmers, Ranchers Invited to Cow/Calf College


The "Cow/Calf College" will kick off at 9:50 a.m. with a welcome by Dr. John Pollak, Director of USMARC. He will be followed the first speaker, Dr. Larry Berger, UNL Animal Science Department Head, who will give an "Overview on the Direction of UNL Animal Science" and his vision for the future of animal science. He will be followed by Michael Kelsey, Executive Vice President of the Nebraska Cattlemen Association who will speak on the "Issues Facing Cattlemen in 2011.

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American Gelbvieh Association to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

American Gelbvieh Association to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Cattle Today

The theme chosen for this year’s event is “The Passion Lives On.” As the traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift is a ruby and the ruby symbolizes passion, this theme is fitting for the AGA’s celebration.

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Seven Profit Boosters For Cattlemen

Seven Profit Boosters For Cattlemen

Del Deterling


This season’s strong market is the perfect time to be thinking of ways to turn profits into even stronger, long-term returns. In some cases it’s the input you spend a little more on that has the potential for the greatest payback.

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Jim Gerrish: Feeding hay impacts cattle profitability

Jim Gerrish: Feeding hay impacts cattle profitability

Gayle Smith

Tri State Livestock News

By finding a balance between utilizing grazing lands and the amount of hay fed to cattle, producers can improve the profitability of their livestock operations, according to an Idaho grazing consultant.

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Texas family forced to leave ranch because of drug/human smugglers

Texas family forced to leave ranch because of drug/human smugglers

Dave Gibson

US Border Narcotics Intelligence

The Burns family in Brooks County, Texas, are packing up and leaving their 38,000 acre ranch because the area has become a war zone, thanks to the Mexican drug cartels and illegal aliens crossing on or near their property on a daily basis.

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