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Southwest Missouri Corner a “Hot Spot” for Trichomoniasis in Bulls

Southwest Missouri Corner a "Hot Spot" for Trichomoniasis in Bulls

University of Missouri

A just released report for Missouri (from March through November 2010) shows about 2000 Missouri bulls have been tested for trichomoniasis.

Trich is a reproductive disease in cattle caused by a protozoan parasite that results in early pregnancy loss. It is passed from bull to female during breeding and infected bulls show no symptoms.

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Latest Information on Sulfur in Cattle Diets

Latest Information on Sulfur in Cattle Diets

Beef Today

As corn and other grain prices continue to rise, cattle producers seek ways to maximize economic and production efficiencies in their operations. One way to deal with increasing corn prices is to feed less corn and more distillers grains.

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Stopping Creekbank Erosion A Win-Win for This Cattleman

Stopping Creekbank Erosion A Win-Win for This Cattleman

Becky Mills

The Progressive Farmer

Michael Barron’s cows weren’t doing Buck Creek any favors. They stripped vegetation holding the creekbanks in place, their hooves ripped up the bare banks, and their droppings and urine contaminated the water.

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Reproductive Efficiency Begins with Selection

Reproductive Efficiency Begins with Selection

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Efficiency has become a big word for most cattlemen of recent times. Volatile grain prices and most costs related to the production scenario have producers constantly looking to get the most return from these resources.

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Segregation minimizes stress in winter feeding programs

Segregation minimizes stress in winter feeding programs

Hanna Herald

One of the first steps in a successful winter cattle feeding program is to minimize stress by separating the animals.

Different animals have different requirements, says Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Food.

Separating mature cows, first and second calvers, replacement heifers and feeder heifers will result in benefits.

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Kualoa Ranch to market beef

Kualoa Ranch to market beef

Allison Schaefers

Star Advertiser

Despite Oahu’s down economy and challenging visitor market, Kualoa Ranch is beefing up their operations — literally.

Kualoa, which occupies 4,000 acres along Oahu’s northeastern coast and just celebrated its 160th year, has been involved in cattle ranching since the 1870s.

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Beef Education

Beef Education

KXMBTV Bismarck

Getting the story straight.

Master’s of Beef Advocacy is a free, on-line program designed to help cattlemen become advocates for the industry.

MBA offers 6 units including production, animal care, beef nutrition and stewardship.

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USDA aims for more humane slaughterhouses

USDA aims for more humane slaughterhouses

Neil Nisperos

Inland Daily Bulletin

In the continuing fallout from the 2008 Chino beef scandal, the U.S. Department of Agriculture will roll out new measures in 2011 to ensure the humane treatment and slaughter of cattle.

The measures aim to improve the handling of cattle, ranging from enhanced employee training to clearer guidance on existing rules, said Elisabeth Hagen, USDA undersecretary for food safety.

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I am Fighting for Common Sense in 2011

I am Fighting for Common Sense in 2011

Cheryl Day

Beef Today

As 2010 begins to wind down, I wrestle with identifying the BIG story of the year. Personally, for me it is not necessarily the one headline that reached top bill but the building trend from anti-agriculture groups that are eroding my freedom to farm.

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Beef, The All-American Dinner

Beef, The All-American Dinner

Rex Hampton


Despite the efforts of wild-eyed vegans and tree-huggers, Americans love meat. It comprises an important part of our diet and our culture. We grill hamburgers and steaks in summer; fried chicken accompanies us on our picnics; turkey and ham are Thanksgiving staples; meatloaf and roast beef have anchored family meals for generations.

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