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2011 National Limousin Sale Will Showcase Top Genetics

2011 National Limousin Sale Will Showcase Top Genetics


Some of the beef industry’s top genetics will sell at auction during the 2011 National Limousin Sale, Saturday, Jan. 8, in the Beef Palace Auction Arena at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colo. The sale begins at 6 p.m. and will feature 31 lots of bulls, bred and open heifers, and embryos.

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Safely feeding distillers grains to cattle

Safely feeding distillers grains to cattle

High Plains Journal

As corn and other grain prices continue to rise, cattle producers seek ways to maximize economic and production efficiencies in their operations.

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Meet Farm Show manager as he prepares for opening day.

Meet Farm Show manager as he prepares for opening day.


Lancaster Farming

Jim Sharp operates one of Pennsylvania’s biggest farms. He’s got to coordinate milking, housing, feeding, bedding and hauling manure for upward of 1,000 beef and dairy cattle. He’s also got to watch out for 1,800 chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, in addition to 1,200 rabbits.

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Craig Deihl has a grassfed beef

Craig Deihl has a grassfed beef

Stephanie Barna

Charleston City Paper

Cypress chef Craig Deihl has a beef with beef. Grassfed beef, that is. He says it’s a tough sell, literally.

"If grassfed beef was tender, there would be no beef with the beef," laughs Deihl, who has featured grassfed on his menu and ended up with far too many complaints from customers.

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Rare Miniature Panda Cow Born on New Year’s Eve

Rare Miniature Panda Cow Born on New Year’s Eve

Barbie Crafts


Stories have popped up everywhere across the Internet about the little Panda Cow that was born in Colorado on New Year’s Eve, 2010. He is one of only 24 like this in the world.

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Creekstone Farms broadens its market

Creekstone Farms broadens its market


The Wichita Eagle

It’s taken more than a few rocky years, but Creekstone Farms Premium Beef’s message that top-quality beef should get top prices is finally gaining traction in the marketplace.

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BeefTalk: The Future of Beef – Consumer Issues and Demand

BeefTalk: The Future of Beef – Consumer Issues and Demand

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Consumers and producers always have been entwined. The simple fact is that without consumers, there is no need for production. In the past, the consumer base was the producer and perhaps a few neighbors, but as transportation and worldwide access expanded, the consumer base also has expanded.

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A Christmas Pony From China

A Christmas Pony From China

John Harrington


There’s a scene in the 1947 classic "Miracle on 34th Street" that I just can’t get out of my head. In fact, ever since China announced new intentions to accept U.S. beef exports, it’s made it almost impossible to concentrate on other matters.

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High Cow Slaughter Rates And Fewer Calves Make Some Cowboys Smile

High Cow Slaughter Rates And Fewer Calves Make Some Cowboys Smile


Here is a puzzle for you. Take a large number of Canadian cattle entering the US. Add in a dismal wheat crop that provides poor winter pasture. Blend that with $5.50 corn prices. Can you find anyone smiling in this picture?

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Red Angus adds new carcass EPDs for profitability

Red Angus adds new carcass EPDs for profitability

High Plains Journal

Red Angus stakeholders now have access to updated tools that will enable them to achieve their ultimate profit goal. The newly released Red Angus Association of America 2011 Spring EPDs include two new genetic prediction tools for Carcass Weight and Yield Grade.

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