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I sent the final postcard to Bob before Christmas.  For the last twenty years I’ve sent a postcard to Bob and Dottie from every place I traveled to.  That would be over a thousand cards.

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Big Future for Small Farms

Big Future for Small Farms

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

As the local food trend continues to grow in popularity among consumers, it could bode a bright — and big future — for beef producers with small- and mid-sized operations.

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Humane Society Tells Ag It’s Time to Reform

Humane Society Tells Ag It’s Time to Reform

Chris Clayton


In a state with three times more cattle than people, Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States president and CEO, told Nebraskans on Sunday evening that, contrary to popular belief, his organization isn’t "anti-agriculture."

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Montana Attorney General Works to Protect Farmers and Ranchers

Montana Attorney General Works to Protect Farmers and Ranchers

Jason D.B. Kauffman

New West

When Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock looks across his home state’s vast rural landscape, he sees an economy still heavily dependent on farming and ranching jobs.

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Export demand brings seller’s market for beef

Export demand brings seller’s market for beef

Steve Adler

California Farm Bureau

Despite the downturn in the economy across the nation, for California beef producers the grass has been green this year and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

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First person: Rancher continues family legacy

First person: Rancher continues family legacy


Wesley Grau’s reign as New Mexico Cattleman of the Year is close to ending.

The lifelong Grady resident operates the family ranch with his brother Lane. Five generations of the family, starting with Charles Albert in 1906, have lived in New Mexico.

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Beef Exports Up

Beef Exports Up

Sarah Gustin


Strong demand for US beef across the world is one reason cattle prices are staying strong.

Robert Fountain with the Beef Checkoff says we are sending many of our beef products into Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Manual covers feeding distillers grains to cattle

Manual covers feeding distillers grains to cattle

High Plains Journal

Research shows forage fed cattle often perform better when corn products like distillers grains are made available, especially during the winter months.

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South Americans explore Midwest beef industry

South Americans explore Midwest beef industry

Amanda Radke

The South American beef industry is quietly expanding these days. Ranchers there are trading in their traditional grass-fed beef production methods in favor of the grain-fed beef business made popular by U.S. cattlemen.

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UNL Beef Short-Courses give cow-calf producers valuable information

UNL Beef Short-Courses give cow-calf producers valuable information

The Fence Post

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 2010-2011 Beef Short-Course program, “Staying Competitive in an Ever-Changing Beef Cow-Calf Industry,” will be broadcast on NET 2 in December and January.

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Have you said your FOOD THANKS today?

Have you said your FOOD THANKS today?

Cheryl Day

Beef Today

The Thanksgiving season is time for the family and friends to sit down around the table to enjoy feast of choice and count their blessings. The first Thanksgiving feast between the Pilgrims and Indians was a three day celebration of a Great Harvest. Today, many American Families will partake in this annual feast first proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln as a National Holiday.

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FDA Expands Approval for Feeding Optaflexx® to Beef Cattle

FDA Expands Approval for Feeding Optaflexx® to Beef Cattle

Hoosier AG TOday

  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for feeding Optaflexx® (ractopamine hydrochloride) to beef cattle as a topdress to increase live weight gain and improve feed efficiency during the final 28 days to 42 days of the finishing period, while maintaining beef’s natural taste, tenderness and juiciness.

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Manage Calving With Nighttime Feeding?

Manage Calving With Nighttime Feeding?

Dr. Ken McMillan



I checked my cows early in the morning and then right before dark. But I still lost two calves. One heifer had the calf, but it was dead; we pulled the other one, but it didn’t live.

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Needle-Free Injection In Beef Cattle Examined

Needle-Free Injection In Beef Cattle Examined

US – Researchers with the University of Manitoba are preparing a study to compare the effectiveness of vaccines administered to beef cattle using conventional needles and syringes to those administered using needle-free injection, reports Bruce Cochrane.

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Mycoplasma bovis-related disease can be tricky to identify and treat

Mycoplasma bovis-related disease can be tricky to identify and treat

AG Weekly

Whether it’s a cow/calf, stocker or feedlot operation, managing every aspect of a business can be a tricky task for today’s cattle producers. But, one of the most difficult duties producers often face is treating disease caused by the bacterium Mycoplasma bovis.

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Opinion: Some Interesting Thoughts I Heard This Week

Opinion: Some Interesting Thoughts I Heard This Week

Troy Marshall


Regarding GIPSA – “I can understand people wanting to take us back to the way we marketed cattle 30-40 years ago – after all, if we’re still around today, we had to be pretty successful back then.

Checkoff – USDA indicated that the Office of Inspector General would be auditing the beef checkoff this year.

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Book Review:  The Welfare of Cattle

Book Review:  The Welfare of Cattle

Rushen, J., Passillé, A.M. de, Keyserlingk, M.A.G. von, Weary, D.M.

This book covers all aspects of research into the welfare of dairy, veal and beef cattle. Written by leading international research scientists in the field, it provides a thorough and critical review of the most up-to-date research on the welfare of cattle, covering behavior, nutrition and feeding, housing and management, stockmanship, and stress physiology, as well as transport and slaughter.

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The Anti-Meat Crowd: What the Other Side Is Thinking

The Anti-Meat Crowd: What the Other Side Is Thinking

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

They call him "Meathead," which isn’t a bad moniker if you’re in the business of barbecue. His real name is Craig Goldwyn, a celebrity cook who started writing a food column for "The Huffington Post" a couple of years ago.

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Established icon grows like a startup

Established icon grows like a startup

Start-up companies often report double-digit sales growth, but 32-year-old iconic brands without new-product launches or acquisitions? Not so much. Yet Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) recently closed the books on fiscal year 2010 with 17.2% growth.

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‘He’s been the voice of reason for the cattle industry’

‘He’s been the voice of reason for the cattle industry’



It’s roundup time for the owner of Straus Ranches as he gathers in cattle from as far away as the Illinois Valley for winter. Patience, a trait developed over nearly eight decades, comes with the territory.

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