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NCBA Speaks Out on Proposed GIPSA Rule

NCBA Speaks Out on Proposed GIPSA Rule

Hoosier AG Today

  The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has submitted comments to USDA on behalf of its membership, concerning the proposed rule on livestock and poultry marketing, as presented by USDA’s Grain Inspection, packers and Stockyards Administration. NCBA vice president of government affairs, Colin Woodall, says comments, as submitted, represent a thorough review of the potential consequences the proposed rule will have on the U.S. beef cattle industry.

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Why beef should be what’s for dinner

Why beef should be what’s for dinner

Robert Myers

The Daily Barometer

I would first like to commend Ms. Gwin on taking a stand for something she is passionate about. Part of what is so great about this country is the fact that outlets exist for us to share our opinions and create an opportunity for discussion, and I don’t begrudge the author’s opportunity to share her opinion in such a manner.

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E. coli vaccine could mean more food safety

E. coli vaccine could mean more food safety

Fort Morgan Times

Cargill Meat Solutions is working to see if a vaccine against E. coli will reduce the number of bacteria which arrive with cattle — and the preliminary results may be promising.

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Beef Board and Others Face IG Audit

Beef Board and Others Face IG Audit


The Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board faces an audit by the USDA Inspector General. Earlier, a private accounting firm questioned certain billing practices of the Board’s primary contractor, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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BeefTalk: Farewell Old Bulls?

BeefTalk: Farewell Old Bulls?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The marketing of cull cows and bulls certainly falls into the “need to get it done” category.

Producers eventually will have to go through the cows and bulls and market those that no longer meet production criteria. If truth be told, late summer or early fall would be a good time. However, like many operations, the long to-do list of items seems to force some things to be set aside.

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Recommendations from Iowa Cattlemen Regarding Eastern

Recommendations from Iowa Cattlemen Regarding Eastern

Beef Today

An agency of the USDA, the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, or GIPSA, is investigating cattle brokerage Eastern Livestock Co. of New Albany, IN for writing checks on insufficient funds. Eastern Livestock describes itself on its website as one of the largest cattle brokerage companies in the U.S.

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Indiana Livestock Company Under Investigation for Unpaid Millions

Indiana Livestock Company Under Investigation for Unpaid Millions

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

Eastern Livestock Company in southern Indiana is one of the largest cattle brokerage companies in the United States and it is host this week to USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration. GIPSA has an open investigation into complaints of the New Albany based company’s non-payment to farmers. GIPSA and the Department of Justice are working together investigating apparent violations of the Packers and Stockyards act.

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John Stossel: Grass-Fed Cattle Bad for the Environme

John Stossel: Grass-Fed Cattle Bad for the Environment


It’s not what we don’t know that causes us trouble. It’s what we know that isn’t so.

Whichever famous writer said that (it’s been attributed to many), what he said carries truth.

What are some of the things we know that aren’t so? Here’s one: Grass-fed "free-range" beef cattle are better for the environment — and for you — than factory-farmed corn-fed cattle.

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Nebraska Inspector Accused Of Faking Mad Cow Tests

Nebraska Inspector Accused Of Faking Mad Cow Tests

Bovine Veteinarian

A former state cattle inspector has been indicted for faking tests for mad cow disease.

The two-count indictment announced Wednesday by the U.S Attorney’s Office says 41-year-old Galen Niehues, of Cozad, submitted inspection reports on 92 cattle operations in Nebraska but never actually performed the inspections. He faces federal charges of making false statements and mail fraud.

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Big, bold, beautiful bovine

Big, bold, beautiful bovine


Southern Maryland Newpapers

If they feel far from home, they don’t show it.

The 20 Texas Longhorns that Everard Johnson raises on his land in Port Republic seem every bit at home away from the Texas prairie. Maybe that’s because out here, Johnson makes sure they don’t have to work hard to find what they need.

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