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Pregnancy Testing Can Save Dollars and Resources

Pregnancy Testing Can Save Dollars and Resources

Robert Fears

The Cattleman

A productive cow herd comes from effective nutrition and health programs, good genetics and rigorous culling. Pregnancy testing is a way to determine if a cow needs to be culled and it is an evaluation tool of ranch management. It can also help a cow-calf producer get to that potentially profitable 90 percent calving rate.


Reproductive expectations for cow herds

Reproductive expectations for cow herds

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

At fall preg-check time, I am often asked why some of the cows are open. Of course, there can be many reasons why a cow may not be pregnant after being exposed to bulls for several weeks. Some of these reasons are due to infertility or sub-fertility on the part of either the cow or the bull; but fertile cows can also be open after a breeding season. In fact, researchers estimate that the likelihood of a live calf being born following a single mating of a fertile cow and bull is about 60%-70%.


Livestock Groups Are Houses Divided on Rule

Livestock Groups Are Houses Divided on Rule

Chris Clayton


If William Shakespeare could have mused about the divide among livestock producers over USDA’s proposed marketing rule, it might have read something like this:

Two news conferences in Kansas City Wednesday presented the perceived pros and cons of a proposed livestock marketing rule.

"Two households, both alike in trade, in fair Kansas City where we lay our scene, from a not-so-ancient grudge break to new raging debate over whether contract or cash markets make a cattle buyer’s hands unclean."


Steve Cornett: TCFA’s Advice on Eastern Livestock Problem

Steve Cornett: TCFA’s Advice on Eastern Livestock Problem

Beef Today

On Tuesday, the Texas Cattle Feeders Association sent the following information to its members, which include both buyers and sellers involved with the Eastern Livestock mess. The advice appears sound for anybody caught up in it.


Water Requirements for Beef Cattle

Water Requirements for Beef Cattle

Dr. Ken McMillan


Water requirements vary with environmental conditions, size, life stage and other factors. Temperature and lactation, for example, can make huge differences in how much water a cow needs.


Classes of Cull Cows

Classes of Cull Cows

Troy Smth

Angus Journal

Most cattle folk understand the concept

of carcass quality grade. They’re familiar with the terms Prime, Choice, Select and Standard. They know those terms relate to the amount and distribution of intramuscular fat (marbling) visible in the ribeye muscle.


Seeing Pink

Seeing Pink

Katrina Huffstutler

The Cattleman

Zeb York V runs cattle on some pretty rough country south of Ozona — it’s not the kind of place where individual cattle are frequently seen once they’ve been turned out in pastures that range in size from 2 to 3 sections each. Therefore, when he turns his high-risk, four-weight stocker calves out, they had better be healthy and off to a good start. And they are — evident by his less than 1 percent death loss.


CAB founder speaks out against GIPSA rule

CAB founder speaks out against GIPSA rule

Provisioner Online

Livestock marketing rules proposed by USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) will weaken meat quality, according an op-ed by Certified Angus Beef Founder Mick Colvin that appeared in yesterday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Don’t Blame FDIC for Eastern Livestock’s Problems

Don’t Blame FDIC for Eastern Livestock’s Problems

Steve Cornett

Beef TOday

The FDIC thing was plumb wrong.  I finally talked to the folks at FDIC. They say they don’t even regulate Fifth Third. They say the Federal Reserve does that. A lady at the Fed said she would be surprised to hear that they had ordered Fifth Third to call such a note.


Winter Feeding Decisions For The Cow Herd

Winter Feeding Decisions For The Cow Herd


US – During most Iowa winters, hay is an adequate choice to meet nutritional needs of gestating beef cows when fed free choice.