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This year marked my 30th writing this column.  The column runs in 150 papers around the country and in Canada.  For the most part they can be described as trade publications, or as a smaller weekly or daily.

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Eastern Livestock under federal investigation

Eastern Livestock under federal investigation


The Glasgow Daily Times

Company allegedly wrote bad checks, owes nearly $100 million

A New Albany cattle company allegedly owing more than $94 million in unpaid livestock transactions is being investigated by federal authorities.

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‘Protecting’ us out of business

‘Protecting’ us out of business

Bill Donald

The Hill

As a third generation Montana rancher, I am no stranger to government overreach. From the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientifically unfounded regulations to endangered species and water, lately it seems the federal government hasn’t seen a burdensome regulation that it didn’t like. 

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Falling cattle prices, rising corn prices put the squeeze on Michigan’s beef farmers

Falling cattle prices, rising corn prices put the squeeze on Michigan’s beef farmers

Aaron Ogg

The Grand Rapids Press 

Falling prices for feeder cattle, climbing corn costs and a shaky economy are hurting the Oswalt family’s livestock business, but the farmers are not wasting time longing for greener pastures.

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Could antitrust rule hurt cattle producers?

Could antitrust rule hurt cattle producers?

Steve Pair

Connect Amarillo

Around 30 percent of all fed beef that is consumed in the United States is raised in the Texas Panhandle.  Regulatory changes proposed in Washington DC could have a big impact on every aspect of the beef industry, including those who eat it.

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Sturdy saddle

Sturdy saddle

Greg Stiles

Ashland Mail Tribune

It’s roundup time for the owner of Straus Ranches as he gathers in cattle from as far away as the Illinois Valley for winter. Patience, a trait developed over nearly eight decades, comes with the territory. The rainbow masks more rain clouds on the horizon, which will delay moving cattle from the other side of the Rogue River to his 110-acre headquarter

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Successful farmers continue to learn

Successful farmers continue to learn

Peter Hagar

Plattsburgh Press Republican

It has been a long time since I went to school, but I am always learning. In my position here at Cooperative Extension, I wear many hats, but am generally helping folks with small farms and livestock issues.

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Beef giant eyes rise in exports, revenues

Beef giant eyes rise in exports, revenues

Bill Jackson

The Greeley Tribune

Exports of beef from the U.S. and Brazil are expected to increase in the next few months, and that will improve fourth-quarter revenues, officials with JBS S.A. said in a conference call Friday.

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Analysis of GIPSA Rule Finds Substantial Costs

Analysis of GIPSA Rule Finds Substantial Costs

Hoosier AG Today

  A comprehensive economic analysis of USDA’s proposed rule on buying and selling livestock and poultry shows the proposed regulation would be bad for farmers and ranchers, bad for consumers and bad for rural America. The study – conducted by Informa Economics – was released in Kansas City Wednesday.

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Producers seeking options against higher feed costs

Producers seeking options against higher feed costs


The Messenger

The cost of feed grains has gone up $2 per bushel during the past two months and some analysts think corn can reach $6.50 or higher before things level out.

"Producers are concerned about it,” said Beth Doran, an Iowa State University Extension beef program specialist, based in Sioux County.

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