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Fall Grazing Tips

Fall Grazing Tips

Mike Roegge

University of Illinois

The landscape certainly looks different today than it did in September. Where there were once corn and soybean fields, now there are just remnants. It is amazing what a couple weeks of good weather can do. Of course no rainfall, low corn yields and much drier corn and field conditions compared to last year have certainly sped up harvest.

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BeefTalk: Why Is My Grandfather a Steer?

BeefTalk: Why Is My Grandfather a Steer?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

November seems to come quickly, and soon to follow will be Christmas. The common saying, “how time flies” is certainly true. Likewise, college campuses are in their prime with classes churning vigorously and trying to instill knowledge.

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Newly elected have agricultural backgrounds

Newly elected have agricultural backgrounds

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

Last week’s election found several individuals with agricultural ties finding places in political seats. In the CBW region, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming will welcome a new class of leaders to prominent positions.

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UNL Beef Short-Courses Give Producers Valuable Information

UNL Beef Short-Courses Give Producers Valuable Information


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 2010-2011 Beef Short-Course program, "Staying Competitive in an Ever-Changing Beef Cow-Calf Industry", will be broadcast on NET 2 in December and January.

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Local farmer says the economy played a role in selling his cattle

Local farmer says the economy played a role in selling his cattle

Steve Butera


MontVue farms owner John Montgomery said the tough economy played a role into his decision to sell off all of his cattle Thursday.

"We felt by selling everything, you’ll attract a lot more people, a lot more interest because they feel like it’s the best that you have," Montgomery said.

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U.S. trade deal with South Korea stumbles

U.S. trade deal with South Korea stumbles



The United States failed to reach a trade deal with South Korea Thursday because of demands that Seoul lift beef import restrictions, continuing a two-year stalemate on the pact, experts said.

U.S. President Barack Obama, who is attending Group of 20 summit in Seoul, said the two countries will resolve the issue in a few weeks.

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Club calves with a personal touch

Club calves with a personal touch

Tony Bruguiere

The Fence Post

Club calves are basically ‘show steers’. They are shown at prospect shows, county fairs, and at events like the National Western Stock Show. They are the stars of countless 4-H and FFA projects across the country.

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GIPSA rule would lead to nearly 23,000 lost jobs

GIPSA rule would lead to nearly 23,000 lost jobs

Provisioner Onlune

A new comprehensive economic analysis of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposed regulation found it would be bad for farmers and ranchers, bad for consumers and bad for rural America, reports the National Meat Association.

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Montana State University opens new Animal Bioscience Building

Montana State University opens new Animal Bioscience Building

The Cattle Business Weekly

Montana’s agriculture community has proven that you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference–you just have to care.

Montana State University’s new Animal Bioscience Building (ABB)  was dedicated Nov. 6. The completion of the building was said to be because of an array of private donors whose gifts range in size.

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Livestock groups fight new market rules

Livestock groups fight new market rules

Dan Pillar

Des Moines Register

Livestock organizations are rallying their members against proposed new U.S. Department of Agriculture rules that would place more restrictions on long-term contractual arrangements between producers and packinghouses.

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