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Video Feature: Group Cattle for Winter Feeding

Video Feature:  Group Cattle for Winter Feeding

University of Tennessee

Grouping of cattle for winter feeding allows producers to more efficiently and economically use available feed supplies. Requirements differ for various classes of cattle. Grouping allows animals to be fed according to their needs, not over feeding nor under feeding.


Farm American Project will promote ag through NASCAR

Farm American Project will promote ag through NASCAR

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

Visser has spent millions of his own dollars developing his Furniture Row racing team, where he has developed the Farm American Project. Many are surprised to see his car doesn’t have a single advertisement on it. Instead, the race car has colorful images of agriculture, and it reads, “Farm American – cultivating the future."

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Has HSUS Or PETA Visited Your Livestock Facilities?

Has HSUS Or PETA Visited Your Livestock Facilities?

The Farm Gate

Let’s imagine, for the sake of argument, that you have a dairy operation, or maybe a cattle feedlot, or maybe it is a small hog operation. What the operation is makes little difference, but you have enough livestock that you need to have some hired help, and you’ve just employed a seemingly-qualified livestock handler who is good with your animals.

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Programming for profit

Programming for profit

Miranda Reiman

Black Ink

You won’t score many bonus points by suggesting similarities between the women in your life and females of the bovine persuasion, but looking at just such a comparison might help your cowherd and calf crop.

For decades, pregnant women have been told to avoid alcohol, to eat “right” and take a prenatal vitamin. New research even shows what women eat during gestation could affect the taste buds of the tiny beings they’re nurturing.

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Backgrounding may be viable option for cattle producers

Backgrounding may be viable option for cattle producers


Cattle producers do have an economically feasible alternative to selling their calves at weaning: It’s called backgrounding.

That’s a feeding period after weaning that lasts from at least two weeks to 15 weeks or more, according to Karl Hoppe, North Dakota State University Extension Service area livestock specialist at the Carrington Research Extension Center.

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Bloat hazard possible when grazing alfalfa in fall 2010

Bloat hazard possible when grazing alfalfa in fall 2010


AG Weekly

After Labor Day weekend, many Montana ranchers begin sizing up their hay crop and pastures for fall and winter feed.

Across Montana, substantial rain during 2010 has resulted in a supply of stored hay and standing grass – best described as "bodacious".

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Temple Grandin Headlines Animal Welfare Symposium

Temple Grandin Headlines Animal Welfare Symposium

Bovine Veterinarian

Temple Grandin, whose life struggles and accomplishments were featured in the 2010 HBO movie of the same name, is the featured keynote speaker at the second annual Animal Welfare Symposium, November 30, at The Ohio State University Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2201 Fred Taylor Dr., 43210.

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