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Dewormer Resistance Real

Dewormer Resistance Real

By Becky Mills


Ted Dyer didn’t want to keep guessing about the effectiveness of commonly used dewormers in his cattle herd. So last year the University of Georgia animal scientist conducted a trial on the Northwest Georgia Research and Education Center’s weaned calves. His verdict? "It looks like there are resistance problems with some dewormers."

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Lesson Overview: The Perfect Cow

Lesson Overview: The Perfect Cow


Editors Note: A glimpse of what might be taught in our schools about the beef industry.

Cattle evolved through the slow process of natural selection until human domestication, which rapidly accelerated their development as an artificially selected species fit less for survival than to satisfy human needs. This lesson focuses on how and why humans have been so successful in selectively breeding cattle to suit these needs, while also exploring the limitations and consequences of this success.

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Manuring Hay Fields?

Manuring Hay Fields?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

We don’t spread manure on any of our fields used for Hay production or pasturing of our animals.  It’s a personal decision that we made years ago simply due to the fact that it doesn’t seem like a healthy option.

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Beef bill cooks up controversy

Beef bill cooks up controversy

Billings Gazette

Wyoming cattle growers could be assessed an additional $1 per head of cattle to help fund beef promotion programs in the state and around the world under controversial proposed state legislation.

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93-Year-Old Jones Co. Woman Still Runs Cattle Farm

93-Year-Old Jones Co. Woman Still Runs Cattle Farm

 Lauren DiSpirito


While living and working away from home, Jane Haddock says she realized she wasn’t doing what she had always wanted to.

It was 1950, and she had graduated from college in Milledgeville. She was working for the American Red Cross, a job she enjoyed, but she was homesick.

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Whole Foods boss: Farmers are ‘heroes’

Whole Foods boss: Farmers are ‘heroes’

By Steve Jordon

Omaha World Herald

Agricultural bankers look on farmers and ranchers as loan customers and partners in keeping the rural economy healthy.

But to a rapidly growing number of American consumers, farmers are becoming something else, according to a self-described “hippie grocer” who now heads the 300-store Whole Foods Market chain.

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Flint Hills cowboys lead a final cattle drive

Flint Hills cowboys lead a final cattle drive


The Wichita Eagle

Slowly, over the horizon, the last cattle drive slips into sight. There are no thundering hoofbeats. The sound is almost a whisper, like a gentle stirring of the wind.

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Hoof Cracks Putting a Limp in the Herd

Hoof Cracks Putting a Limp in the Herd

Dr. Ken McMillan


Q&A: Several of our cows have a condition where the hoof on the front foot has split vertically from the base of the hoof to the hairline.

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High-Quality Beef Market Rewards

High-Quality Beef Market Rewards

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Fillets selling for $75 a pound? Rib eyes going for $50 a pound? How about ground beef priced from $7.50 to $14 a pound? Go to the Internet and click Wagyu (or Kobe) beef and you might think producers of this specialty beef cattle have discovered the road to riches.

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Amen and hallelujah!

Amen and hallelujah!

Alan Guebert

The Hawkeye

If you only quote the Amen Corner, the only reply you’ll ever hear is "Hallelujah!"

And so it was in late October when yet another hired preacher of the Meatpacker Gang, a Brooklyn, N.Y., outfit named John Dunham & Associates, claimed proposed rules to bring meat packers into compliance with the Packers & Stockyards Act will cut 104,000 jobs nationwide, drop Gross Domestic Product by $14 billion, and cost local, state and federal tax collectors another $1.36 billion.

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