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Savvy supplement strategies

Savvy supplement strategies

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Following up on last week’s front page article regarding supplements, this week we will discuss how producers can strategize to save a few dollars and make better sense of their feeding program.

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Tips for Pasturing Cattle on Wheat

Tips for Pasturing Cattle on Wheat

Beef Today

Producers should keep several considerations in mind if they plan to use their wheat fields as pasture this year, said Jim Shroyer, Kansas State University Research and Extension crop production specialist.

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BeefTalk: The Obvious Is Not Always Obvious

BeefTalk: The Obvious Is Not Always Obvious

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

While each third-party verifier may have a different approach, the conclusion is the same.

The call came late in the day after most people had left the office.

“Do you know who the calf carrying the electronic identification number 123123123123123 is? Would you have the calf in your database?”

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Toxic Journalism, What You Read Could Be Dangerous To Your Health

Toxic Journalism, What You Read Could Be Dangerous To Your Health

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Alex Avery has just released a report on the history of pesticide activism. Titled “50 Years of Panic and Propaganda,” the report documents the deliberate and calculated distortion of the facts by scientists, politicians, and journalists. He shows how this has impacted our world today and how it may shape our world of the future.

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Why Farm Publications and Farm Broadcasters Won’t Tell the Truth

Why Farm Publications and Farm Broadcasters Won’t Tell the Truth

 Meat Trade News Daily

As Ben Roberts so eloquently stated in his book, Past, Present, and How We Can Survive For The Future in the Beef Cattle Business, "Five generations of cattlemen have lived through repeated successions of boom and bust. The ups and downs were serious problems in the past. Today, they cause even greater hardships, and cattlemen are squarely against the need to smooth out the problems we have in the beef cattle industry."

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Cattlemen’s Club beefs things up on campus

Cattlemen’s Club beefs things up on campus

Elisa Purvis

The Stallion Online

Every day, consumers go to the meat section at their local grocery store, put beef in their shopping carts, pay for it and take it home. That’s it. They usually don’t think, "Where did this come from?" or "How did this get here?"

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How to put profit back in ranching operations

How to put profit back in ranching operations

Dee Ann Littlefield

Bandera County Courier

“Think outside the box,” Colorado rancher Kit Pharo challenged his attentive audience at the “Moving from Production to Profit in Ranching” seminar in Decatur on Sept. 29.

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CSU Taylor workshop set for Dec. 13-14

CSU Taylor workshop set for Dec. 13-14


With a theme of "Feeding the Beef Cowherd for Maximum Profit," Colorado State University`s Beef Management Systems Group will be offering the Robert E. Taylor Memorial Beef Cattle Workshop Dec. 13-14. The event will be held in the Taylor Auditorium at CSU`s Agricultural Research Development and Educational Center, 4482 E. County Road 56, Fort Collins.

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‘Dinosaur Way of Thinking’ Hurts Farmers

‘Dinosaur Way of Thinking’ Hurts Farmers


Beef Today

Retailers have been accused of ‘dinosaur thinking’ by continuing to shovel huge quantities of mince onto the shelves rather than developing more profitable alternative cuts. The charge has come from the National Beef Association which is warning their activities risk causing a stampede out of the sector.

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Other Farm Organizations Expect Change

Other Farm Organizations Expect Change


National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Steve Foglesong says many proponents of government overreach into the U.S. cattle industry were voted out of office on Tuesday.

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