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Steve Cornett:  “Poorer” Meat? Say What?

Steve Cornett:  “Poorer” Meat? Say What?

Beef Today

The Associated Press stirred up the industry’s GIPSA skunk fight* last week, and the story underscored how much “too” complex the issue is for reporters…and, alas, for policy makers. That’s one reason I’d feel much better if the final decision on this intra-industry squabble were being decided by an Administration that didn’t seem to regard beef and cattle production as a dietary and environmental problem rather than an important business.

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Jim told me a story of his youth.  Of course, it could have happened yesterday knowing cowboys the way I do!

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Bull Buyers: What Traits Are Important?

Bull Buyers: What Traits Are Important?

Burt Rutherford

BEEF Magazine

What traits do commercial cow-calf producers rank highest when making bull buying decisions? According to a BEEF magazine survey of our readers last January, disposition is the highest-ranked trait, garnering an average 4.5 score on a 5-point scale, with 5 being very important.

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BeefTalk: Is Source and Age Verification Worth the Effort?

BeefTalk: Is Source and Age Verification Worth the Effort?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Understanding the process is critical as a producer reviews the marketing opportunities that open up through marketing sourced and aged calves.

A common marketing claim is the source and age verification of calves. As producers gather cattle to go to market, they have the option to provide documentation to a third-party verifier that their calves are eligible to be source and age verified. Seems simple, and many producers are offering their calves as sourced and aged.

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Them Against Us—Part V, Under my Thumb

Them Against Us—Part V, Under my Thumb

Cattle Today

Though legislating Mom Nature holds as much potential success as roping a tornado, that’s exactly what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and some members of Congress are attempting to do.

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Cowherds Discovering That Ticks Are For The Birds

Cowherds Discovering That Ticks Are For The Birds

Bovine Veterinarian

South African cowherds are discovering that when it comes to debugging their cattle, nature knows best.

Generations of cattle owners who dipped their livestock in pesticides ended up killing not only the ticks that feast on them, but also the red-billed oxpeckers that eat the ticks.

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GIPSA Head Finds Himself In The Cross Hairs

GIPSA Head Finds Himself In The Cross Hairs

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Several articles came out this week focusing on Dudley Butler and his role in the whole GIPSA rule debate. Admittedly, by simply being in his position as head of GIPSA and a political appointee, his agenda and background are fair game.

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