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Choosing the grass-fed niche cattle market

Choosing the grass-fed niche cattle market


The Messenger

Experts: Know technology before getting in

Producers who are considering switching to grass-only or grass-finishing their cattle, need to know the technology behind the method, as well as the niche market they would be trying to sell into.

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Baxter Black, DVM: GIVING

Baxter Black, DVM:  GIVING

Last spring many criticized Florida strawberry growers for plowing under their crop when it was obvious that spending more money to pick and distribute it, would only add to their financial loss.

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 Be proactive in Beef Quality Assurance

Be proactive in Beef Quality Assurance

High Plains Journal

The beef checkoff continues to encourage beef and dairy producers to be proactive when it comes to Beef Quality Assurance: learning about best practices and how to utilize them to help produce safe, wholesome beef for consumers.

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Lonely Livestock: The Only Cow in Manhattan

Lonely Livestock: The Only Cow in Manhattan

Jesse Hirsch

Wall Street Journal

Do-it-yourself food cultivation has found a home in New York City, with backyard chicken coops, honeybee apiaries and rooftop gardens sprouting like spring lettuce inside America’s largest metropolis. But the urban farming trend has its limits. In Manhattan, at least, the locavore line appears to be drawn at the cow.

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Ranch Management University helping with decision making

Ranch Management University helping with decision making

Blair Fanin


At Ranch Management University, students come from not just Texas, but California, Illinois – even Costa Rica – to learn more about managing agriculture and natural resources.

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Hormone debate: efficiency versus quality

Hormone debate: efficiency versus quality



Millions of steers and heifers are fattened in North American feedlots each year, and most receive growth hormones.

The ear implants improve average daily gain and increase red meat yields with proportionately less fat, said Marshall Streeter, a veterinarian with Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health, which manufactures products such as Revalor and the feed additive Zilmax.

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Biosecurity Important Part of Beef Production

Biosecurity Important Part of Beef Production

W.F. “Frank” Owsley

Cattle Today

Biosecurity is an important part of animal production, regardless of facilities, size, and type of production. Cattle in a closed group will develop immunity to strains of organisms in the group.

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