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Steve Cornett:   Let Me Clarify: Study GIPSA

Steve Cornett:   Let Me Clarify: Study GIPSA

Beef Today

Let me apologize for being unclear in an earlier post to Bill Bullard and his friends in the Obama Administration for writing in an unclear manner. Bullard, in a response, accuses me of disserving the industry by saying “it’s not packers who benefit” from value based marketing.

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Acorn Poisoning in Cattle

Acorn Poisoning in Cattle

Dr. Jeremy Powell, University of Arkansas

When forage is scarce, cattle will often search for alternative food sources. In Arkansas, where cattle are frequently grazed on pastures that may contain oak timber, the possibility exists for cattle to consume acorns.

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North American International Livestock Exposition set for Nov.

North American International Livestock Exposition set for Nov.

High Plains Journal

The 37th Annual North American International Livestock Exposition is scheduled for Nov. 6 to 19 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The premium and information catalog as well as entry forms are available on the Expo’s website at www.livestockexpo.org.

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