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Making the Grade

Making the Grade

Christy Couch Lee

The Cattleman

By using instrument carcass grading technology, USDA graders can work more accurately and efficiently.

It’s a tough job, but they’re up to the challenge. Each day, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) meat graders have roughly 6 seconds to evaluate a beef carcass as it passes on the line, determining yield grade, quality grade, fat thickness, marbling and ribeye area, among a host of other criteria.

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Understanding Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)

Understanding Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs)

University of New Mexico

The role of purebred breeders is to improve the genetic quality of the seedstock cattle they produce to sell to the commercial beef producers. Expected progeny differences (EPDs) are a valuable tool to aid purebred and commercial producers in the selection of potential breeding stock.

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BeefTalk: Shrews, Cows and GMO Salmon

BeefTalk: Shrews, Cows and GMO Salmon

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Education is a lifelong process, and those involved in the beef business know all too well that keeping up with change is essential. The beef business is changing and so are beef cattle. The change is real but not that hard to understand.

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Parasite control for cattle

Parasite control for cattle

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Fall is fast approaching and the nighttime lows continue to dip lower. It is hard to travel very far through the countryside without coming across a fall gather. Ranchers are busy administering preweaning vaccinations.

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The case for eating meat

The case for eating meat

Simon Wilson

A book debunking the ethical claims made for vegetarianism has caused a stir among environmentalists. George Monbiot publicly changed his mind on the issue. So can we eat meat with a clean conscience? Simon Wilson reports.

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Owners offer reward after 72 cows, 78 calves disappear in Dade County MO

Owners offer reward after 72 cows, 78 calves disappear in Dade County MO


A couple from Kansas offers a reward for more than 100 missing cattle.  They believe a man whom they trusted to take care of their herd in Dade County is responsible for at least part of their losses.

Vincent Bowles, 34, is charged with one count of stealing livestock.  He could get up to seven years in prison if he’s convicted.  So far, Bowles is accused of selling 14 black angus cows that were not his own, and keeping the cash.

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Biologically effective management of grazing land increases productivity, profits

Biologically effective management of grazing land increases productivity, profits


Beef producers in the northern Plains have transformed old-style, low- performance cattle into high-performance, fast-growing meat animals with improved genetic potential and increased nutrient demands. These modern, high- performance cattle are larger and heavier, gain weight more rapidly, produce more milk and deposit less fat on their bodies than old-style cattle.

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Is grass-fed beef better for you than grain-fed beef?

Is grass-fed beef better for you than grain-fed beef?

Cecil Adams

Creative Loafing

Let’s not take a narrow view here, Diana. Fans say grass-fed beef represents a trifecta of goodness: not just healthier but tastier and better for the environment. Tempting as that conjugated linoleic acid sounds, you need to consider the implications for the planet, too.

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Remedies Available for Disgruntled Taxpayers

Remedies Available for Disgruntled Taxpayers

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Most of the problems with hobby loss audits involve people who have a history of losses in with their ranch, farm or horse venture. The IRS tends to say that the activity is not conducted as a business, so that the tax losses are disallowed. This can be a substantial tax payment for quite a few taxpayers.

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Where’s the Beef? Not in Argentina as Drought Drives Away Brazil’s JBS

Where’s the Beef? Not in Argentina as Drought Drives Away Brazil’s JBS

The Westerner

Argentines have lost their title as the world’s biggest beef eaters after the worst drought in 70 years and government export limits led ranchers to reduce the number of cattle on the Pampas.

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