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Balancing Cow Size and Nutrient Needs

Balancing Cow Size and Nutrient Needs

Rick Rasby

Beef Today

Calf prices appear to be strong this fall. Because of high input costs, margin of profit for the cow/calf producer will again be narrow. Producers that continue to match genetics (mature weight and level of milk production) with feed resources, environment, and management system will be the ones that continue to enhance their profit potential.

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Clint Peck offers ten tips to keep weaned calves healthy

Clint Peck offers ten tips to keep weaned calves healthy

Bill Brewster

Tri State Livestock News

“A large part of BQA is prevention of disease so the animals under our care do not have to be treated after weaning, shipping or in the feedlot,” Peck said. Peck, a former county extension agent and BEEF magazine editor, has provided a ten-point list of “weak links” in the chain of protecting cattle from disease at weaning.

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16th Annual Hokie Harvest Sale

16th Annual Hokie Harvest Sale

Dr. Dan E. Eversole, Animal Scientist, Beef Cattle Production & Management, VA Tech

There will be a student-run livestock sale of university beef cattle and swine at the Virginia Tech Beef Cattle Center and the Alphin-Stuart Livestock Teaching Arena on Friday, October 29, 2010.

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Scours Kills Calves and Costs Producers

Scours Kills Calves and Costs Producers

Dr. Ken McMillan


Calf scours is certainly one of the most costly problems affecting the cow/calf ­producer. Not all calves with scours die, but they all cost you in time, money and reduced performance.

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Grazing management strategies for stocker cattle

Grazing management strategies for stocker cattle

Holly T. Boland, Mississippi State University


Proper management of pastures and grazing systems help assure long-term forage productivity and forage quality, says Holly T. Boland, PhD., assistant research/Extension professor with Mississippi State University. Borland offers the following advice for stocker operators developing their grazing-management strategies.

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Cattle Producers Urged To Watch For Anaplasmosis

Cattle Producers Urged To Watch For Anaplasmosis


A seasonal spike in the deadly cattle disease, Anaplasmosis, has been reported in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa and a Kansas State University veterinarian is encouraging producers to be vigilant in monitoring their cattle.

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Farmers fear possible tougher dust rules from EPA

Farmers fear possible tougher dust rules from EPA

Indianapolis Business Journal

Grain farmer Charles Schmitt, who farms about 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans near the southwestern Indiana town of Haubstadt, called the possibility of tougher rules on dust "ridiculous."

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R-CALF’s Unholy Alliances

R-CALF’s Unholy Alliances

Troy Marshall


I spent my morning writing the above editorial with the honest goal of trying to promote reconciliation within the industry. Then I got the news that R-CALF had teamed up with an avid anti-beef group; it seemingly makes my earlier comments irrelevant, or at least very hard to justify.

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Death Taxes: What Would Willy Do

Death Taxes: What Would Willy Do

Steve Cornett,

Beef Today

The estate tax—“death tax” I’m supposed to call it—is zero today. It will revert to 55% next year if this most fractious Congress in memory doesn’t act between now and then.

Many if not most of the people who read this will be impacted. Many, if not most, would just prefer their heirs keep as much as possible.

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UNL Extension offers Mid-Plains BEEF Practicum

UNL Extension offers Mid-Plains BEEF Practicum

High Plains Journal

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Mid-Plains Beef Education in Economics and Forages Practicum programs will be offered beginning in September at the Dalbey-Halleck Research Farm near Virginia, Neb.

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