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Baxter Black, DVM:  THE HORSE SALE

Baxter Black, DVM:  THE HORSE SALE

There was a horse sold this summer down in Missouri.  Probably the most famous horse in the world…Trigger.

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Alternative Retained Ownership Strategies for Cow Herds

Alternative Retained Ownership Strategies for Cow Herds

John D. Lawrence, Extension Economist, Iowa State University

Retaining ownership of calves beyond weaning is a value-added process that provides cow owners opportunities for additional profit. It turns lower value calves and feedstuffs into higher value animals. The accelerating trend toward value-based marketing also provides an opportunity for cow owners to more fully capture their investment in health, nutrition, and genetics.

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Just a scoop full

Just a scoop full

Jerry Nine

 High Plains Journal

Several cattle feeders have expressed concern over the proposed GIPSA competition rule. Some feedlots feel that if this passes, packers would not be allowed to give more for one set of cattle than the next. Truthfully, this concerns me for the fact that most of the cattle I feed in the feedlot do not deserve to bring what a straight set of black steers that have been fed a lot of days do.

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Cloned Steers and Technophobia

Cloned Steers and Technophobia

Urban C. Lehner


In Woody Allen’s movie "Sleeper," set 200 years in the future, the dictator who rules the world dies but his lieutenants manage to preserve his nose. Their plan to clone a new leader from the old one’s olfactory organ was an amusingly science-fictional notion in 1973 when the film was made.

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Reduce winter feed costs

Reduce winter feed costs

Roger Gates

Tri State Livestock News

I haven’t consulted the “Drought Monitor” Web site at all this year – a reflection of the favorable growing conditions we’ve enjoyed! More than one rancher I’ve visited with this summer has assessed pasture conditions with a statement along the lines of, “I could’ve run twice as many cows in this pasture.”

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Pre-Weaning Care Can Reduce  Stress in Calves

Pre-Weaning Care Can Reduce  Stress in Calves

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Making better business decisions is the goal for most firms no matter what product or service is their lifeblood. Decisions are often made with all the information available and scrutinized to make sure there will be a profit at the end point. For most, this means carrying out the plan through many phases to make sure proper execution takes place.

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Does fetal programming affect you? Only if you are in the cattle business…

Does fetal programming affect you? Only if you are in the cattle business…


You may have heard talk about fetal programming at a Cattleman’s symposium or similar beef industry meeting, but does it affect you?  In short, Yes!  If you are in the business of producing or selling beef cattle, fetal programming affects what you have to sell.

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Relationship Between Cow Weight, Milk Production, and Nutrient Needs

Relationship Between Cow Weight, Milk Production, and Nutrient Needs

Dr. Rick Rasby, Professor of Animal Science, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

Calf prices appear to be strong this fall. Because of high input costs, margin of profit for the cow/calf producer will again be narrow. Producers that continue to match genetics (mature weight and level of milk production) with feed resources, environment, and management system will be the ones that continue to enhance their profit potential.

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Youth Understand End Product Through Carcass Contest

Youth Understand End Product Through Carcass Contest

Molly Witzel

Angus Journal

A total of 33 Angus juniors entered 46 head of steers in the 2010 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Carcass Contest, July 12, in Denver, Colo. . . .

Carcass steers were evaluated using actual carcass data and a value-based grid. Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) staff tabulated the results from the data collected by Colorado State University (CSU) staff at a local processing facility.

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The Right Culling Program Boosts Returns

The Right Culling Program Boosts Returns

Becky Mills

Kay Richardson generally culls his cows at fall weaning. But they best be looking sharp year-round because for this producer, culling never ends.

"Culling is really a continuous process," says the Evinston, Fla., producer. "I might make the decision anytime."

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