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Getting To The Bottom of Open Cows At Preg Checking Time

Getting To The Bottom of Open Cows At Preg Checking Time

Bovine Veterinarian

Open cows can cost cattle producers in fewer calves to sell the next year. When checking cows for pregnancy, it can be disheartening when a percentage of the herd is not pregnant. Confusion over how and why this happened can plague producers, but it is important to come up with a definitive diagnosis to identify these unknowns and prevent the same problem in the future.

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Hereford Demand Continues to Grow

Hereford Demand Continues to Grow

Hereford breeders continued to experience an increased demand for Hereford genetics during the 2010 American Hereford Association (AHA) fiscal year that ended Aug. 31. The Association experienced an increase in registrations and membership as production sale prices increased for both bulls and females.

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Shorthorn age and source program

Shorthorn age and source program

The Cattle Business Weekly

The American Shorthorn Association (ASA) has established a new age and source verification program called Shorthorn Verified. Participation is open to any calf with an individual birth date and either the sire or dam registered in one of the ASA’s registries. Micro Beef Technologies of Amarillo, TX, will be auditing and approving producers as well as sending out the official Shorthorn Verified tags.

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Beef Council Restructuring Underway

Beef Council Restructuring Underway


A statement has been released by the Federation of State Beef Councils about their work of last week to define a structure that would be separate from NCBA, but allow the Federation to still work in a synergistic way with the organization.

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Steve Cornett: Guilty as Charged

Steve Cornett: Guilty as Charged

Beef Today

Ok, ok. I said it, and I regret it. In a blog "Cattlemen Shouting into the Wind," I painted with too-broad a brush.

Of course auction markets provide an essential service, and so do order buyers. I know that. And I don’t know any order buyers who drive BMWs. (But I did have one show up in a big Mercedes once and offer me $5 under the market for a set of calves and assured me they weighed a hundred or so more pounds than they actually weighed.)

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Southern Cattle and Cow Creek Announce Merger

Southern Cattle and Cow Creek Announce Merger

Cattle Today

Southern Cattle Company, headquartered in Marianna, Fla, announces the merger and acquisition of Cow Creek Ranch, Aliceville, Ala., the largest Brangus and Ultrablack seedstock cattle operation in the United States.

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Tips for getting your backgrounding program off to a quick start

Tips for getting your backgrounding program off to a quick start

Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock News

Weaning time is right around the corner and many folks will be making decisions on backgrounding. In this week’s column, I’ll share some thoughts and observations on making the weaning transition period less stressful which should lead to a more successful backgrounding program.

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Time to check pasture fertility

Time to check pasture fertility

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Time to check soil conditions and fertility

Without testing your soil, it is impossible to know how much fertilizer you will need to apply to your pastures and fields this fall.  If your not careful, you may over apply amendments and that’ll put an extra punch in your pocket!  Not to mention also potentially damaging the environment.  However, not applying enough amendments will mean a shortage of vital nutrients.

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NDSU Hosting Reproductive Management Workshop

NDSU Hosting Reproductive Management Workshop

NDSU is holding a workshop on sheep and goat reproductive management Nov. 10-12.

North Dakota State University’s Animal Sciences Department is hosting a small-ruminant reproductive management workshop on campus Nov. 10-12.

This workshop is for veterinarians who treat small ruminants and veterinary students.

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Eyes Of Cattle May Become New Windows To Detect Mad Cow Disease

Eyes Of Cattle May Become New Windows To Detect Mad Cow Disease

Red Orbit

The eyes may or may not be windows to the soul, as the old adage goes, but scientists are reporting evidence that a peek into the eyes of cattle may become the basis for a long-sought test to detect infection with the agent that causes Mad Cow Disease. That test could help prevent the disease from spreading in the food supply.

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