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Starting Cattle is Serious Business

Starting Cattle is Serious Business

Zeb Prawl Great Plains Livestock Consulting

Beef Today

As fall approaches, another seasonal event is right around the corner for those that graze cattle through the winter.  This is the time of year cattlemen are preparing to buy the cattle they need to stock their winter pastures, and usually this means that they are preparing to get those cattle weaned, eating feed, and straightened out.

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Health as an animal welfare issue

Health as an animal welfare issue

Bob Larson

Angus Journal

During the last few years, there have been several egregious instances of cattle and other livestock abuse that have been caught on video and distributed widely. These documented cases have given a black eye to all animal caregivers. Many cattle industry and veterinary organizations have mobilized to increase training for everyone who handles cattle so that these rare occurrences completely disappear. When these types of abuse are publicized, many in the public increase their interest in various aspects of animal welfare.

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‘Fat equals flavor’

‘Fat equals flavor’

Lisa Miller

The Dickinson Press

Keeping consumers and cattle happy and healthy can be a challenge for producers but one way of doing that is by watching what their cattle eat.

“More and more research is being done to figure out if what a cow eats can affect the flavor and quality of the meat,” said Dr. Eric Berg, North Dakota State University associate professor in the Meat Science Department.

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Slain farmers were noted for high standards

Slain farmers were noted for high standards

Ruth Lao

Statesman Journal

The brutal killing of a pair of mild-mannered Polk County farmers has stunned the local-food community, from fellow farmers to restaurant chefs to supporters of sustainable agriculture.

“Clearly, these folks are going to be missed in the sustainable-farming movement,” said Stephen Perkins, owner of Cascade Baking Co. in Salem and a customer and friend of David Scott Jondle, 61, and Marilyn Ruth Jondle, 58.

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To Beef or Not to Beef: Musings of a Healthy Carnivore

To Beef or Not to Beef: Musings of a Healthy Carnivore

Neil Zevnik

Huffington Post

“To beef, or not to beef – that is the question…” Okay, so Shakespeare is twitching a little in his grave right now; but punning aside, this is a valid and hotly-debated question in food and nutrition circles, and invites discourse in the environmental arena as well.

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Ground beef outbreak puts focus on meat oversight

Ground beef outbreak puts focus on meat oversight

CBS News

The first outbreak linked to a rare strain of E. coli in ground beef is prompting a fresh look at tougher regulations to protect the nation’s meat supply.

Three people in Maine and New York became ill this summer after eating ground beef traced back to a Cargill plant in Pennsylvania. Cargill recalled about 8,500 pounds of ground beef on Saturday and regulators warned consumers to throw out frozen meat purchased at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs in eight eastern states.

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BeefTalk: One Bad Steer Spoils the Lot

BeefTalk: One Bad Steer Spoils the Lot

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The processing of cattle needs to be thorough and not held off until shipping day.

The interest in age and source verification continues. The interest is real and the need is real.

As those who are involved in the process of selling beef know, once a commitment is made, that commitment needs to be honored. With the tight supplies of beef and the need to plan long term, kinks in the supply chain can make for some very long days.

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