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Stopping cheaters in the show ring

Stopping cheaters in the show ring


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Big money tempts some livestock exhibitors to defy the rules. But State Fair sleuths know how to trip them up.

The State Fair Market Beef Grand Champion looked like a 1,305-pound stuffed toy. His thick black coat, preserved by a summer spent lounging in an air-conditioned room, fit like a plush velvet robe. His leg hair, teased and doused with adhesive, shone with freshly sprayed black paint.

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Cloned Steer Wins State Fair

Cloned Steer Wins State Fair

Chris Clayton   


David Faber, president of Trans Ova Genetics, said it’s unlikely cloned animals will become common in show animals — such as his son’s grand champion steer from the Iowa State Fair last week.

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ND Ag Dept program verifies age, source of beef; officials say will help marketing

ND Ag Dept program verifies age, source of beef; officials say will help marketing

Canadian Business

North Dakota’s Agriculture Department is offering ranchers a voluntary registry they can use to prove the age and birthplace of their livestock.

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring says some countries, including South Korea and Japan, require age and source verification of imported beef. Goehring says there’s also some demand among American beef consumers for the information.

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R-CALF CEO Defends Invitation

R-CALF CEO Defends Invitation

Hoosier AG Today

  R-CALF USA is defending its right to issue what it calls an open invitation to U.S. livestock producers and rural Americans to participate in the recent Livestock Marketing Workshop held by USDA and the Department of Justice at Colorado State University.

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Future of range-fed beef in consumers’ hands

Future of range-fed beef in consumers’ hands

Ari LeVaux

The Outpost

Arapaho Ranch produces the kind of beef your inner cowboy wants to eat. With 595,000-acres sprawling across Wyoming’s wild and rugged Owl Mountains, the ranch is home to native grasses, wolves, mountain lions, and grizzlies. The cattle are herded by Indian cowboys, each with his own fleet of seven horses – one for each day of the week.

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Beef 706 gives cattle producers inside look at production process

Beef 706 gives cattle producers inside look at production process

Blair Fannin

Seldom does a cattle producer get an inside look at how their calves are processed and shipped to the retail meat case.

However, a group of producers recently got that unique opportunity – and came away learning a lot more about what happens to their cattle once they leave the ranch – at the recent Beef 706 program.

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Beef Cattle Producers Debate Proposed Federal Rule

Beef Cattle Producers Debate Proposed Federal Rule

Grace Hood


Last week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack traveled to Fort Collins to underscore what he says is a startling statistic. Over the past three decades, the U.S. has lost almost 40 percent of its cattle farms.

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Timing of Last Alfalfa Cutting Important

Timing of Last Alfalfa Cutting Important


Alfalfa growers should consider the timing of their last cutting to allow for enough regrowth to reduce the risk of winter injury. David Miller, Pioneer alfalfa research director says – cutting from September 10 to October 1 in most northern climates rarely allows the crop enough regrowth time.

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Putting Weight Back On Cows After a Hard Summer

Putting Weight Back On Cows After a Hard Summer

Dr. Ken McMillan


My cows lost a lot of body ­condition this summer due to the drought and heat. I need to put some pounds back on them before ­calving season in the spring.

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Them Against Us—Part III Have They Lost Their Minds?

Them Against Us—Part III Have They Lost Their Minds?

Wes Ishmael

Cattle Today

Part III in a Series

High yield agriculture has enabled more people to live without hunger while using less land.

High yield agriculture, according to its critics, is also responsible for everything from Amazon deforestation, to increased global warming, to an untenable breakdown of societal relationships.

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