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‘This is a great time to be in the cattle business’

‘This is a great time to be in the cattle business’

Jack Dillard

Shreveport Times

Because of the type of weather we had the latter part of last week, it leads me to start our visit this Sunday without comments on the temperature.

Cowboy Logic! "The good Lord didn’t create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes and gnats come close." This quote is from Kit Pharo, Cheyenne Wells, Colo.

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 JBS journey from small slaughtering house to global giant

 JBS journey from small slaughtering house to global giant

Besta Shankar

International Business Times

One of the distinguishing features of changing global beef industry landscape is the rise of Brazilian meat giant JBS S.A. to the top spot surpassing many majors in the industry in a short span of time. Currently headquartered in Sao Paulo, JBS started its journey in Anapolis where the founder of the company, Jose Batista, slaughtered 5 heads of cattle per day in 1953.

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Cattlemen can help prevent dark cutters

Cattlemen can help prevent dark cutters

High Plains Journal

In most situations, things go better when everyone remains calm. That’s true for cattle, too, including those about to enter the food chain.

Excited cattle can become "dark cutters," lowering profit potential and causing beef demand challenges, says David O’Diam, brand extension manager for Certified Angus Beef LLC.

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Branding a tradition

Branding a tradition


The Hays Daily News

It’s all about tradition.

There’s a little love of horses and cattle thrown in for good measure. Well, and it’s also something of a social affair.

There are, in fact, a number of reasons why the beef unit at Fort Hays State University continues the time-honored tradition of rounding up and mugging calves.

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2,000 attend meat industry hearings with Vilsack at CSU

2,000 attend meat industry hearings with Vilsack at CSU

Bill Jackson

The Fence Post

A goal of creating a fair and competitive market for the livestock industry.

That was the intent of a meeting at Colorado State University Friday hosted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Agriculture, but by mid-day it became apparent that the livestock industry is a highly complicated one and finding a one-fit solution will not work.

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Fewer livestock producers worries USDA’s Vilsack

Fewer livestock producers worries USDA’s Vilsack

Bob Burgdorfer


There are fewer U.S. livestock producers now than 30 years ago, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack believes that may be because concentration in the meat industry has forced many to leave the business.

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Polar-opposite views on cattle rules rounded up at ag meeting at CSU

Polar-opposite views on cattle rules rounded up at ag meeting at CSU

By Jason Blevins

The Denver Post

Save us. No, spare us your meddling.

Agricultural leaders heard two polar-opposite yet equally fiery pleas Friday at Colorado State University, where more than 2,000 ranchers, farmers and rural Americans rallied to urge either government action or inaction.

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Debate intense at public meeting on proposed regulation of meat industry’

Debate intense at public meeting on proposed regulation of meat industry’

Great Falls Tribune

Meatpackers, feeders and hundreds of ranchers from around the country packed a workshop Friday to voice concerns about a proposed federal rule that aims to preserve competition in an industry increasingly dominated by a handful of corporate giants.

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Selecting for calf health

Selecting for calf health

High Plains Journal

Seasoned cattlemen have long suspected a link between calf genetics and health, and a mounting body of research is proving them right. Uncovering that connection might lead to new tools for managing disease resistance.

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Tall fescue affects reproduction in cattle

Tall fescue affects reproduction in cattle

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

Neal Schrick, University of Tennessee Animal Science professor and researcher shares good information on tall fescue and beef reproduction:

For years, producers have suspected tall fescue of affecting breeding results, and recent research by UT AgResearch teams has turned these suspicions into hard facts. These new studies prove that the endophyte-infected, cool-season perennial grass has a detrimental effect on reproduction in both bulls and cows.

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