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Forages: The Key to Profitability

Forages: The Key to Profitability

Raymond Cooper

Angus Journal

The cattle business as we know it is in a period of transition. We, as cow-calf producers, are the only segment of the industry that is not a margin business. As the industry consolidates, it leaves us, as producers, facing changes that are difficult but necessary. In order to remain profitable in this changing business environment, we must do everything possible to become a low-cost producer. The production and utilization of our forages is the key to this goal.

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Distillers Grains Can Rescue Poor Hay

Distillers Grains Can Rescue Poor Hay

Hay and Forage Grower

Byproduct feeds from ethanol plants offer beef producers a way to supplement bad hay being baled for winter feed this year, says Chris Zumbrunnen, University of Missouri Extension regional livestock specialist at Milan, MO.

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Keeping Cattle Calm Increases Carcass Value

Keeping Cattle Calm Increases Carcass Value


In most situations, things go better when everyone remains calm. That’s true for cattle, too, including those about to enter the food chain.

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The Truth About Vegetarianism

The Truth About Vegetarianism

Lierre Keith

Mother Earth News

The vegetarian myth tells us that not eating meat leads to a sustainable diet. But eating plants won’t solve the planet’s problems.

I was a vegan for almost 20 years.

I know the reasons that compelled me to embrace an extreme diet, and they are honorable — even noble. Reasons such as justice, compassion and a desperate, all-encompassing longing to set the world right.

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5-State Beef Conference Dates Approaching

5-State Beef Conference Dates Approaching


New York Times Best-Selling Author and Renowned Animal Behavior Expert Temple Grandin will be talking about Good Management is Animal Welfare during the 2010 5-State Beef Conference.

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GIPSA Rule Defenders Gather

GIPSA Rule Defenders Gather

Chris Clayton


Advocates for livestock cash markets see last week’s Organization for Competitive Markets meeting as preparation for a livestock industry gathering later this month in Colorado that is being built up as the most critical government meeting in the history of fairness and competition in livestock marketing.

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Beef exports grow amid herd contraction

Beef exports grow amid herd contraction


Cow slaughter continues at a high rate, keeping U.S. beef production from expanding, while 2010 beef exports are up 13 percent over last year, according to the USDA’s August Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook report.

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Producers have to proactive in addressing animal rights agendas, beef expert says

Producers have to proactive in addressing animal rights agendas, beef expert says


Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Farmers and ranchers have a vested interest in watching what animal rights groups do because they have a direct impact on the livestock industry, according to an expert who monitors such developments.

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Controlling Brucellosis Effectively

Controlling Brucellosis Effectively


US – Researchers at the University of Florida are looking at the specificities of the biology and epidemiology, pathogenesis and diagnostics, public health aspects, vaccination and control of brucellosis as a global zoonosis.

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Stockpile fescue for good cattle management

Stockpile fescue for good cattle management

Baxter Bulletin

Here’s more on stockpiling fescue for good cattle management.

Timing of the initiation of the stockpile period and corresponding fall fertilization has been shown to greatly influence quality of forage available for winter grazing. Tall fescue accumulated from a mid-June or early July hay harvest tends to be much lower in quality than does forage accumulated starting early to mid-August.

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