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Salt solves tetany problems in short term, but . . .

Salt solves tetany problems in short term, but . . .

Dale Blevins

Cow chemistry keeps revealing secrets as Dale Blevins delves deeper into the causes of grass tetany, a nutritional disorder than kills cows.

Blevins, a University of Missouri plant scientist, studies the makeup of grass that the afflicted cows eat. He’s making progress.

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BIF scholarships, fellowships give students support

BIF scholarships, fellowships give students support

High Plains Journal

Students with a passion for the beef industry were offered competitive scholarships to assist with their educational and travel expenses to attend the 42nd Annual Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium and Meeting.

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If Voters Want To Control Livestock Production, Are They Willing To Pay The Freight?

If Voters Want To Control Livestock Production, Are They Willing To Pay The Freight?

The Farm Gate

The prior generation always advised, “Be careful what you ask for, because you may just get it.” That sage advice could have a rather drastic outcome if the public referenda on livestock management and animal welfare continue to pass. The outcome may be voters rhetorically asking themselves, “What in the sam hill have we done to ourselves?”

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Proposed livestock buying rules stir discord

Proposed livestock buying rules stir discord


Des Moines Register

The Obama administration has started a new fight with conventional agribusiness, this time over the way hogs, cattle and poultry are bought and sold.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing rules for marketing livestock aimed at curbing the power of big packers such as Tyson Foods and Cargill Inc. to control the prices paid to producers.

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Livestock herds dwindling with economy

Livestock herds dwindling with economy

Wally Northway

Mississippi Business Journal

Today’s economy means people are eating out and purchasing meat products less often, but cattle and hog producers have learned to make the most of tough times.

John Michael Riley, a Mississippi State University Extension Service agricultural economist, said producers work hard to keep their product affordable when money is tight.

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Why BVD Vaccination Caused An Abortion

Why BVD Vaccination Caused An Abortion


Cattle that are pregnant and vaccinated with a MLV may on a rare occasion abort their fetuses due to infection with the vaccination virus. IBR/BVD are two viruses that can result in early embryonic deaths, stillbirths and weak calves. This will cause a reduction in calf crops due to decreased pregnancy rates, abortions and greater calf mortality.

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Beef industry dogged by E. coli contamination issue

Beef industry dogged by E. coli contamination issue

Dave Sjeklocha, DVM

BEEF Magazine

Since 1993, our industry has struggled mightily with E. coli O157:H7 – a strain of bacteria that lives in the intestines of healthy cattle and is also found on the hide. Undercooked ground beef and raw produce are the most common sources of human infections with E. coli O157:H7, which can be deadly.

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Rapid response efforts gain momentum

Rapid response efforts gain momentum

High Plains Journal

I must tell you that last week’s mid-year meeting of the Cattle Industry Associations was without question the worst agricultural meeting I have ever attended. To give you a feel for just what a political nightmare it was in case you were lucky enough to get to stay away from it, on Friday–as I do every Friday to say thank you to the United States troops for protecting my freedom–I wore a red shirt.

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Manage Your Semen Tank, Keep Your Investment Secure

Manage Your Semen Tank, Keep Your Investment Secure

Mel DeJarnette

Select Sires

When was the last time you stopped to think about the dollar value of the semen inventory in your liquid nitrogen refrigerator? You might be surprised at the final tally. Although semen costs are only a small percentage of overall expenses in a dairy or beef cattle operation, the absolute value of your semen inventory at any given time may represent a significant sum of money. Proper tank management is essential to keep your investment secure.

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USDA plans to require ID for interstate livestock

USDA plans to require ID for interstate livestock



Federal officials looking to head off livestock disease outbreaks are drafting regulations that would require farmers to identify animals that move across state lines.

The aim is to reduce illness and deaths by making it easier for officials to trace brucellosis, tuberculosis and other diseases to a particular group of animals, location and time.

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What Has Happened to Animal Agriculture?

What Has Happened to Animal Agriculture?

Max Thornsberry, DVM

Beef Today

I was born in 1953, just before General Eisenhower became President of the United States. The 1950s and ’60s were amazing periods of agricultural growth. Every farmer in Missouri raised hogs, cattle, poultry of some type, crops, and hay.

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So What Now With The NCBA-CBB Feud?

So What Now With The NCBA-CBB Feud?

Troy Marshall

BEEF Magazine

It didn’t matter whether you were talking to members of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), the Federation of State Beef Councils (FSB), or Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB), the general sentiment at last week’s summer meeting in Denver was frustration that the situation had disintegrated to the level it has, and that it should never have happened.

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RFID in Agriculture

RFID in Agriculture


RFID in Agriculture provides the reader with an understanding of RFID and its current and future use in agriculture systems, processes, and procedures.

This report reveals the path traversed by RFID, evaluating some of the most important implementations of RFID within the agriculture and food industries.

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Round and Round it Goes

Round and Round it Goes

J. Neil Orth, Executive Vice President, American International Charolais Assn.

Charolais Journal

The beef industry is cyclical. It’s simply the nature of the business. We make enormous progress, but we do it as the entire industry ebbs and flows in a cycle we all accept as reality. Up or down movement results from many factors. Overall economy, supply and demand, drought, politics, etc., all collide at some point and move the cycle up or down. Producer survival depends on the ability to be nimble and willingness to accept change.

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Second annual CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium will be Sept. 24

Second annual CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium will be Sept. 24

 The Texas AgriLife Extension Service beef and forage committees in Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Hill, Limestone and McLennan counties are hosting the second annual CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium Sept. 24 at the McGregor Research Center in McGregor.

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