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Video Feature: Baxter Black: Only Ewes

Video Feature:  Baxter Black: Only Ewes

In this week’s visit, Baxter Black outlines some rather unique ideas for extending the usefulness of ewes. From US Farm Report.

Performing necropsies on feedlot cattle

Performing necropsies on feedlot cattle

Terri Queck-Matzie


“Just because an animal’s dead doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road,” says Dr. Larry Hollis, D.V.M., M.Ag., an extension beef veterinarian at Kansas State University, where he specializes in beef production medicine. “It might be dead, but it can still hold secrets.” For Hollis, performing a necropsy, or post-mortem exam, on any animal that has died unexpectedly can yield valuable information that can prevent further spread of disease and even greater financial loss for the producer.

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Preconditioning Programs Add Value To Cattle

Preconditioning Programs Add Value To Cattle

Larry Stalcup

BEEF Magazine

Preconditioning programs continue to add value.

With stress-limited preconditioning (PC) and value-added calf (VAC) programs, value-added returns approached $130/head this year for an Oklahoma operation that grows calves to near 900 lbs.

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IGENITY Announces DNA Profile For Cow/Calf Producers

IGENITY Announces DNA Profile For Cow/Calf Producers

Bovine Veterinarian

IGENITY®, a division of Merial, announces the introduction of the most cost-effective DNA product on the market — the IGENITY profile for replacement heifers. It is designed specifically for cow/calf producers committed to the long-term success of their herd.

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Beef, Other Ag Sectors Must Produce More With Less

Beef, Other Ag Sectors Must Produce More With Less

Chris Clayton


As a senior vice president for the World Wildlife Fund, Jason Clay isn’t the typical speaker at a National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention.

But at NCBA’s summer meeting, the group held a panel discussion for the general membership on the environmental challenges beef production faces, as well as research countering some misconceptions about the cattle industry.

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Hay Storage Cost Analyzer Available

Hay Storage Cost Analyzer Available

BEEF Today

Hay is the third most valuable crop produced in Iowa, yet some producers lose as much as a fourth of their crop from improperly storing it. Iowa State University (ISU) Extension economist William Edwards said a new decision aid for comparing the costs of different hay storage options is now available on ISU Extension’s Ag Decision Maker (ADM) website.

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Study Shows Angus Influence in Cattle Reduces Health Problems

Study Shows Angus Influence in Cattle Reduces Health Problems

Cattle Today

It’s no secret that Angus cattle can grade well. But new evidence from Iowa and Kansas sheds light on why high-percentage Angus cattle beat crossbreds in profitability: they tend to stay healthier, which may allow them to better realize their full potential.

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