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SDSU research explores integrated beef, ethanol production systems

SDSU research explores integrated beef, ethanol production systems

The Prairie Star

South Dakota State University research suggests there’s an economic opportunity for corn producers willing to explore integrated production systems that will background beef calves while producing corn to supply ethanol plants.

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Ranchers turn to natural security vs. wolves

Ranchers turn to natural security vs. wolves


Review Messenger

Many cattle ranchers in this area have suffered livestock significant losses due to predation by wolves, so they are turning to what could be called a “natural” security system: guard donkeys.

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Lady rancher keeps farm going

Lady rancher keeps farm going

Elton Robinson

Delta Farm Press

The success of a farm or ranch is often measured in acreage, the size of a herd, or an above average crop yield. But for Hilda and Eddie Ashe, being the biggest or the best never mattered much.

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Preg Check and Cull Replacement Heifers Early

Preg Check and Cull Replacement Heifers Early


Many Oklahoma ranchers choose to breed their replacement heifers about a month ahead of the mature cows. They also like to use a shortened 45- to 60-day breeding season for the replacement heifers. The next logical step is to determine which of these heifers failed to conceive in their first breeding season. This is more important today than ever before.

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Animal-disease response hinges on preparedness

Animal-disease response hinges on preparedness

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

The thought of a foreign animal disease, such as foot and mouth disease (FMD), hitting U.S. soil is terrifying, says Patrick Webb.

But, being prepared for the worst-possible scenario should help minimize the spread of the disease and soothe a concerned U.S. consumer base, he explains.

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Aubrac beef breed making headway in the industry

Aubrac beef breed making headway in the industry

Sara Thissen

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Aubrac cattle breed is an option for beef cattle producers in North America as this moderated-framed, highly maternal breed from southern France was developed centuries ago for production of forage-based beef.

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Funding Research

Funding Research

American Hereford Association

The top brands in the beef industry are teaming up with top Hereford breeders for a one-of-a-kind fund-raiser auction to benefit the Hereford Research Foundation. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity July 13 at BuyHereford.com to bid on everything from Gallagher products to state of the art reproductive services, semen and embryos from top Hereford seedstock to unique hunting and fishing trips.

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