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Commonsense Investments in Herd Health

Commonsense Investments in Herd Health

Boyd Kidwell

Angus Journal

In a roller-coaster cattle market, it’s tempting to cut back spending on virtually everything. But timely investments in herd health pay off in more calves at weaning, and that’s the profit center of a beef herd.

Veterinarians Heidi Hart of Bolton, N.C., and Kate Hussman of Louisa, Va., have forged sets of commonsense practices for their family commercial Angus operations. The large-animal veterinarians recommend similar herd health programs to clients with beef herds.

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Take precautions for livestock during hurricane season

Take precautions for livestock during hurricane season

Victoria Advocate

Sam Womble

It’s hard to believe that hurricane season is already upon us. Many of you may have heard the prediction for this year, very active. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there is a 70 percent chance of 14 to 23 named storms, with eight to 14 growing into hurricanes. Three to seven of those could become major hurricanes reaching category three status or higher.

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UNL Extension Offers Mid-Plains BEEF Practicum

UNL Extension Offers Mid-Plains BEEF Practicum


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Mid-Plains Beef Education in Economics and Forages Practicum programs will be offered beginning in September at the Dalbey-Halleck Research Farm near Virginia, Neb.

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Abundant Clover Sets Stage For Bloat Problems

Abundant Clover Sets Stage For Bloat Problems


Several University of Kentucky College of Agriculture specialists weighed in with possible explanations for the higher incidence of bloat. Ray Smith, extension forage specialist, said he and his colleagues have been in regular contact with livestock producers and industry representatives throughout the state.

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Study aims to maximize return on dairy beef

Study aims to maximize return on dairy beef

Nathan Phelps

Green Bay Press Gazette

Ultrasounds tell farmers how cattle will fair at market

With a black and white computer monitor behind her, Amy Radunz placed the ultrasound probe behind the shoulders of the Holstein steer.

Radunz took measurements of back fat and loin depth from the steer’s ribeye as part of a project aimed at getting farmers more information about raising dairy steers that are sold to market as beef.

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Measuring Supply-Use Of Distillers Grains In The United States

Measuring Supply-Use Of Distillers Grains In The United States


As grain-based ethanol production has expanded in the United States in recent years, so too has the production of distillers grains, a co-product of dry mill ethanol production processes. Distillers grains in its various forms are used in livestock feed rations as a competitive substitute for feed grains and sometimes soybean meal

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Has the Market Outgrown Bonds of Word and Handshake?

Has the Market Outgrown Bonds of Word and Handshake?

John Harrington


Once upon a time not that long ago, thousands and thousands of head of livestock traded each day with no more legal pretense than a terse "done" and a firm handshake. Though the standard assumption that "my word is my bond" was occasionally proven to be unjustified, it seemed to be a dependable, no-fuss-no-muss standard that successfully handled the vast majority of country commerce.

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